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(Omaha, NE)  —  In the voluminous business world, Omaha Consultant Susan Stern, owner of an up-and-coming full-service Omaha website design & marketing company known as Stern PR™, a.k.a. and – offers sound advice for marketing firms when considering taking a new customer. In actuality, these wise suggestions – apply to all businesses.

“Be careful of the clients you represent,”emphasizes Susan. “If they have a poor BBB rating or questionable online reviews – as Marketer, you gotta first find out WHY and HOW – from that would-be client and elsewhere. Was it legitimate, OR was it someone who had an Ax to Grind? Did they resolve the issue? What prompted the complaint? Was it their product/service? Customer Service? Something fixable in their company? OR, was it simply slander from a competitor or a disgruntled individual – for other reasons.”

Stern PR™ understands the importance of ONLY taking on companies with strong ethics & professionalism – for these are the values Susan Stern, Stern PR™ espouses. “I was raised by fabulous parents, one in the legal profession, the other in real estate, both involved in philanthropy – mom and dad taught me that honesty, standards and ethics are essential both personally and professionally. Work hard. Help others, i.e. altruism, etc. Ditto in journalism school, I was taught that a reporter must check and double-check the facts, research, always seek the truth and be objective (no matter personal bias, if any). Of course, don’t let the media outlet sales department or big Ad buyer influence a news story angle.”

Ethics matter. “In my growing marketing business, I have also learned from – experience – to only take above-board companies, who embrace strong professional ethics. If they do not have upstanding business practices, that I can prove in my research, it is the position of Stern PR™, that I would decline assisting them.”

That said, Stern PR™  will take-on clients who have been slandered, defamed, libeled or had a crisis – to repair their honorable reputations – using a variety of ethical principles to manage the backlash. Or, if a company has problems internally, Susan Stern will help resolve the issue. Crisis Management is one service Stern PR™ provides business. “Be aware, if your company is in a public crisis, don’t do-it-yourself. Emotion gets the best of all of us! You need a third-party to handle it.” Stern PR™ may also offer a name or two of top-notch Omaha Corporate attorneys who may further assist you, if need be. 

“Admittedly & unfortunately, there has been – one instance – where I, myself took a client – unbeknownst to me at the time – with less-than-stellar practices. I had naively believed that I would be compensated for my labor-intensive on & offline marketing work. In the end, the questionable client was an individual who took my work – and ran, without payment – breach of contract. An estimated loss of $4,000. Then there was online libel/defamation by same, when I tried to collect payment. The lesson? You live, and you learn – they say. Plus, don’t just take any client.”

So, in this vast business world with companies of all kinds of morals & principles, Omaha Marketing Consultant Susan Stern recommends that her industry colleagues do their best – to do their homework – before accepting just any client. More clients will come knocking on the door that are a right fit.

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“It’s ok to tell a company that – you can not take them on – as a client. This is where you gotta soften the blow a bit, to be candid, but kind. I think it’s fine to be diplomatic and tell them either “I am too busy to take on new clients right now. OR, I just don’t think I am the marketer that best suits your needs,” emphasizes Susan Stern, Stern PR™.

It’s never easy building a vibrant business like Susan Stern, owner of Stern PR™ in Omaha Nebraska. You go through ups-and-downs. Challenges galore. Sometimes you face Type A personalities who can be tough, etc. You constantly have to revise your contract to cover all instances. You need to protect your copyright work, too. Don’t let anyone push you around. As a woman marketing firm owner like Susan Stern, expect to sometimes go out of your comfort zone – generally, women are givers and nurturers – but you gotta be firm and fair, and not be bullied – to survive with the sharks. “Trust me, you’ll gain respect,” says Susan.

The lesson here. Don’t take just any client. Only take the clients with strong ethics. Do your research. If you make an oops, and take-on a client who turns out to not pay the bill, etc. Learn from it.  If your work is excellent, that you constantly strive to do ‘what’s in the client’s best interest’ like Susan Stern of Stern PR™ does, then – no worries – your marketing firm will thrive!

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