Online Reviews 4 Biz

By Susan Stern

(Omaha, NE)  —  Stern PR Omaha’s Susan Stern offers tips on how business should deal with negative reviews online. Stay calm, act professional, respond and move on. Notes Susan, “the best advice I can give is to remember the old adage “customers are always right.” So that means, politely reply to poor online reviews in this way:

  • Thank the reviewer for taking time to provide feedback
  • Apologize to the reviewer, rectify problem and invite customer back if their gripe is legit
  • Offer a partial or full refund if situation warrants
  • Don’t reply to abusive reviewer – just ignore them, flag the complaint for removal or consultant with an attorney
  • Don’t offer them an explanation or excuse
  • If online reviewer is a fake, say from a competitor with a fictitious name, mention that no customer exists & invite them to call
  • If online reviewer with a personal gripe opts to defame or slander, call he or she out on it. Reply professionally. Consult w/Attorney

Another suggestion. Periodically run a Google, Bing and Yahoo search for your company online, to not only keep track of what people are saying, but to reply immediately to reviews – good and bad. Adds Susan Stern, “remember to never argue with the customer. ‘Cause yes, even though we may not feel this way, as business owners, we need to embrace the doctrine to treat each customer with respect, i.e., the customer is always right…

Even when they’re wrong. 🙂

Good luck!

Stern PR™ Style

(Omaha, NE) —  Stern PR’s™ public relations background is quite extensive, thanks to being on the receiving end, i.e. vetting news releases for newsworthiness – as a TV/Radio reporter/producer for more than a decade. Says Susan Stern, “I know what’s newsworthy and what stories contain all the right elements. On a typical day, our newsroom would receive 20 so-called PR Flak faxes. Those that were well-written & contained newsworthy elements, made my newscast.” 

Susan Stern also “gets” both sides of the fence. As a Public Relations Practitioner, Susan Stern helped catapult an Omaha-based business to the national spotlight by crafting timely news releases – on a public health issue. Time and time again, she obtained free coverage in targeted markets nationwide, and at media outlets in Omaha, NE: OWH, KETV, KMTV, WOWT, KPTM, KKAR & KFAB.

Stern PR™ is called upon to represent organizations that seek free media/print news coverage for – events galore.  Companies call on Susan Stern to craft news releases via fee-based distribution channels, too. As usual – Susan Stern’s wordsmith abilities net results. “I am a journalist at heart. I view the world through the eyes of a reporter. So, I am able to effectively spot a news story in every corner. I transfer this perspective to the business world and the products/services a business wants publicity for,” notes Susan Stern.

Sample May 2010 National Release

As a publicist, Susan Stern fine-tunes the client’s image via the marketing materials she produces. She works with the client to craft the most accurate news releases before each is published. Expect an eye-catching headline that inspires interest. As an Omaha-based corporate communications practitioner, Susan Stern acts on behalf of the local, regional and national organizations she represents, working in her client’s best interests with other corporations, news distribution services and the like. It’s a fact. “Every company needs a public relations specialist to protect, refine & control their image. I will do so with the utmost professionalism, while working alongside a client’s partners,” emphasizes Susan Stern.

Susan Stern wears other hats, too. As a publicist on behalf of her client, this one-woman image firm, schedules news interviews; purchases media ad time; writes, directs & voices broadcast commercials; photographs events;, produces corporate videos, among other tasks.  Name-branding, building & maintenance.  Stern PR™. Serious Strategy. Really!


Of course, to be publicity-worthy, a business or event must offer one of the following to – make the news!:

  • unusual product, service or event
  • innovative product, service or event
  • announcement of a partnership or agreement
  • release of a survey, poll or study
  • service impacting public health & welfare
  • business working with the government
  • companies that are committed to  “green” environment solutions
  • contains all elements of an interesting people story
  • localize a national news issue or holiday 
  • goodwill ventures including launching a fundraising drive

Name-branding, building and maintenance takes more than marketing & advertising. Public relations, an under-utilized mode-of-operation, should be an essential part of any business plan. Earn industry respectability & credibility. Public relations is an effective tool for an organization to create and maintain a positive image.

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