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ImageBy Susan L. Stern

Pin the tail on the donkey. Can you hit the mark? A keen Omaha business owner knows website rank and look are equal to the brick-and-mortar image of business – on the ground. ‚ÄúYour website‚Äôs design, its search engine rank and user-friendly navigation are vital to online success. It’s important to connect with customers, build relationships while increasing online traffic and revenue,‚ÄĚ emphasizes Susan Stern, Stern PR an Omaha Marketing Consultant.

Tip # 1. Your website must be found high, preferably on 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. It‚Äôs called keyword local search relevance. The process of achieving the desirable page rank requires regular, monthly website content maintenance by a pro. A ‚ÄėMonthly SEO Plan‚Äô is your best bet.

Tip # 2. Website design shouldn‚Äôt be too busy. A company website must be clean and modern, integrate appropriate widgets while offering quality navigation, descriptive copywriting and eye-catching graphics and video for aesthetics and SEO. Also. ‚ÄėJust Say No‚Äô to all flash websites. Only flash headers (a home page banner) with text in body are effectively read by search engine algorithms. Finally, but not the end all, be all – website visitors must reach your business easily. Example: via contact form, email access, telephone number and so forth. It should never be difficult to contact your company right now!

Tip # 3. Marketing needs to be done right, not do-it-yourself. “Of course, to reach the pinnacle online Search Engine spot, you have to invest your marketing budget on either one of the following scenarios.

  • hire a full-time corporate communications expert at $40,000-$65,000 a year;
  • hire a high-dollar Advertising Marketing firm with high overhead and many faces;
  • do nothing & watch your website fall to 3rd & 4th Page on Google, Bing & Yahoo losing out on new business; OR
  • hire an Omaha marketer who knows all available marketing options.

The last option, outsourcing marketing, is the most affordable and highly effective solution. Take note, you will want someone who provides regular website content/social media writing, directory updates and more. The best thing to do is invest in a – Monthly SEO Plan,‚ÄĚ states Susan Stern, Stern PR an Omaha SEO and copywriter professional.

Tip # 4. Ask your Omaha marketer to issue quarterly performance reports, and include research/analysis in the Monthly SEO Plan. Both are important to track the effectiveness of any SEO campaign.

Yes. Yes. Yes. With Susan Stern, Stern PR, Omaha business owners can expect the best:

  • Stellar Copywriting
  • Effective SEO
  • 21st century Website Design
  • Quality Internet & Broadcast TV Video Commercial Production
  • Unique Advertising available in Print/Media and Internet – a variety of Publications
  • Eye-catching Traditional Creative Marketing
  • Newsworthy PR

‚ÄúAt Stern PR here in Omaha, my developer Austin and I pow wow with the client during a conference call to ascertain a company‚Äôs on & offline objectives. Then, in person I present a written quote, which includes a recommended course of action, strategy, the investment cost and project scope. A budgetary commitment to marketing is worth its wait in gold. I offer personalized service, image consistency and affordability‚ÄĚ notes Susan Stern.

All in all. Step 1 Рthrough 4 are must-have’s Рnecessary for online & offline marketing success aimed at connecting with customers, building relationships and boosting profits.

For Omaha Website Design and marketing consultant inquiries, please contact Susan Stern Stern PR. 

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Susan Stern-Omaha

  • ¬†Stern PR‚ĄĘ – Web Design – Affordable & SEO-Effective
  • ¬†Web Video Commercials¬†– Boost Google Page Rank
  • ¬†Photography –¬†Magazine Quality¬†
  • ¬†Copywriting – Keyword Rich
  • ¬†Graphic Design – Custom

STERN PR‚ĄĘ handles¬†total name-branding, building & maintenance¬†for primarily Omaha¬†NE businesses¬†‚Äď on & offline. Susan Stern caters to medium and small¬†companies¬†that search for effective, yet¬†affordable marketing.

Susan Stern brings to the table – a broad range of experience – in advertising, marketing, public relations & broadcast journalism.¬† By crafting tasks single-handedly,¬†she passes on the savings to her clients.¬†¬†“Without breaking the budget, I cater to businesses in need¬†of a polished image¬†that net results. Let’s face it. Big or small, companies need¬†a marketing professional¬†to streamline, maintain & control – their image,” emphasizes Susan Stern.¬†So, run your¬†business. Outsource advertising, marketing, public relations & journalism to Stern PR‚ĄĘ


Professional Services Galore…


  • Website Design, Copywriting & Photography¬† View¬†¬†¬†¬†View¬†¬†¬† View¬†¬†¬† View¬†¬† View ¬† View
  • Internet Video Marketing¬†¬†View
  • Internet Video Search Engine Optimization¬† View
  • Email Marketing¬† View
  • Event Marketing¬† View
  • Radio Advertising¬† View
  • Corporate Video View¬†¬†
  • Marketing Mailers¬† View¬†¬†¬†
  • Blog¬†Management View¬†¬† View¬†¬† View
  • Photography View
  • Flyers & 6 Panel Brochures¬† ¬†View¬†¬† View¬†
  • Newsletters Front¬†¬† Back
  • Online Journalism Articles¬† & SEO¬† View
  • National Press Release Copywriting¬†& Distribution¬† View Here¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†View Here
  • Custom Bizcard Design
  • Banner Design¬† View
  • Custom Logos¬†¬† View
  • Event Mailers Front¬† Back
  • Invitations ¬†Front¬† Back¬†¬†¬†¬† Front¬†¬†¬†Back
  • Event Memory Slide Shows¬†¬† View
  • Online Invitations¬† View
  • Sales Pitch Letters
  • Contract Writing – Legal
  • Custom Designed Promotional Merchandise
  • Event Planning incl. Business Fairs
  • Resume Writing, Cover Letters &¬†Distribution¬†
  • Crisis Management
  • Competition Tracking & Analysis¬†
  • Speech Writing
  • Radio/TV Advertising Scriptwriting & Talent
  • Media & Print Buying¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Online Video Marketing Commercial Samples Below…



Biography — On a personal note, Susan Stern¬†enjoys a lot of activities:¬†photography, guitar lessons, abstract art, fine-tuning her graphic design talents & inline skating. Topping the list of her favorite’s – keeping her young daughter healthy, happy & active!¬†Says Susan, “Motherhood is my greatest joy in life!” Her career is also important.

Along with ten years in P.R. & Marketing, Susan offers a decade expertise in broadcast journalism & advertising production, primarily radio & TV including CBN Radio, Standard News Radio Network – Washington, D.C., Omaha’s KKAR-AM, KOIL-AM, ESPN-Radio 1620 AM, WOW-AM/FM, KVNO & WOWT, KTCB of Council Bluffs to name a few, both news & commercial aspects. Her work – has appeared on Nebraska Public Radio & CNN, too. She’s done countless radio and TV ads.

Susan even scored a small movie role as Cindy Lindstrom, a TV reporter in the Miramax/Disney film “Citizen Ruth”.

In 2006, Susan Stern¬† of Stern PR‚ĄĘ¬†unveiled¬†this professional business blog to write frequent industry news &¬†showcase her¬†work.¬†¬†The¬†site boomed in 2009, around the same time Susan launched a revised,¬†clean¬†logo after¬†teaching herself¬†graphic design.¬†Thanks to Susan’s acquired SEO skills &¬†the work she generates for a variety of clients with discriminating needs, now¬†this business blog surpasses the¬†10,000 visitor mark.¬†“I am very optimistic about 2010!”

Susan Stern holds varied memberships:

  • National Association of Professional Women
  • Ezine Articles – Designation as “Expert Author.”¬† – New as of October 2009!
  • Screen Actors Guild
  • Omaha Press Club
  • Ironwood CC

Contact Susan Stern Now!

Stern PR‚ĄĘ. All Rights Reserved. Omaha, NE. 2010. ¬† Contact (402) 212-7489

Stern PR | Boost Google Rank

(Omaha, NE)¬† —¬†Web Video Marketing by Stern PR‚ĄĘ Works to Boost Google Page Rank. ¬†This past year, Stern PR‚ĄĘ Omaha NE discovered the potency of web video marketing/SEO¬†in Omaha¬†– with proven results.”The hottest ahead-of-the-trend SEO approach I now¬†use is – web video & mass submission.¬†I design¬†professionally produced video commercials, code the content, then¬†handle the rest.¬†I am able to catapult an Omaha¬†business onto the 1st page of google, sometimes¬†within 24 hours or less. It works!” notes Susan Stern, of Stern PR‚ĄĘ in Omaha NE.

Most Omaha businesses remain completely unaware of internet video’s power to boost a company’s search engine rank. “I haven’t heard of anyone in town doing what I do. Fortunately, I share my SEO strategies to my marketing clients. Once they jump on board, they too achieve¬†desired results.”

For Home One Roofing‚ĄĘ Omaha NE, after producing a great video,¬†Stern PR‚ĄĘ uploaded¬†it to specifically-targeted¬†sites in mass, using keyword rich titles, descriptions and tags. A mere 24 hours later,¬†my client’s listing appeared on the 1st page of Google ‚Äďin the top three‚Äď search engine terms. The stone installer beat out 119,000 others.¬† Wow!”

Adds¬†Susan Stern,”for my own business, a search for ‘Email Marketing’ resulted in a 1st page google ranking. So,¬†Stern PR‚ĄĘ¬†beat out approximately 319,000 so-called competitors. Now that is an ideal¬†resultm, as are the calls from companies who found me on page¬†one of Google!”

For Mr. Granite‚ĄĘ, an Omaha kitchen/bathroom installer, Stern PR‚ĄĘ catapulted the company to the first page of Google by properly coding¬†the outstanding video she produced & sending it in mass to relevant social media sites. See the snapshot below.

Stern PR‚ĄĘ is one of the only Omaha-area¬†internet marketers who has discovered a highly¬†effective way to¬†propel a¬†business to the top pages of Google!¬†¬†With 60% of consumers going online before purchasing a product or service, obviously, search engine placement matters.¬† Stern PR‚ĄĘ has a keen eye on¬†the future.

Analysts predict that web video marketing will grow exponentially in 2010. The clues are everywhere. Take¬† Google for instance. Not only did it purchase YouTube, but nowadays the¬†powerhouse¬†search engine¬†gives websites with video higher page ranking.¬†Further, Google recently announced that its spidering techniques¬†now convert¬†a video’s¬†audio into text – yet another¬†puzzle piece¬†that helps complete an organization’s search engine placement.

Stern PR‚ĄĘ. Susan Stern’s ¬†tools of the SEO trade help Omaha businesses¬†go where they belong – onto the 1st pages of Google.

Contact Omaha marketer Susan Stern¬†–for affordable web video production rates & monthly SEO. 402-212-7489 Omaha NE

SEO Biz Tips Galore

1165440_39445166Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern offers not only marketing consulting recommendations, but provides all of the below listed SEO company services to¬†business. “I can help your organization boost¬†its online presence – in search engines – to gain market traction.” Additionally, my Omaha marketing services attract increased website traffic, help companies connect with customers, build relationships and increase revenue. Here’s how:

  • Produce an internet marketing commercial
  • Upload video commercial to website
  • Upload video & create keyword-rich Google, Bing and Yahoo Listings
  • Optimize your Web Video¬†Commercial to sites including Youtube & 70 others
  • Create a business blog
  • Link Website to Blog – Professionally managed by Stern PR
  • Create¬†a correctly coded, search engine-friendly website
  • Fix an incorrectly coded, search engine-unfriendly website
  • Set up Twitter & Facebook business accounts
  • Craft an awesome website that’s modern, easy-to-read & nets results
  • Recommend sharing affiliate links of client websites, i.e. link-building
  • Buy entry into recognized Web Directorys – low-cost
  • Tout specials & coupons via a Twitter account
  • Set up business listings via directories – some paid, some free
  • Write¬†industry articles 4 online directories
  • Send out professionally-written internet press releases that net results!

“None of these strategies listed above include pay-per-click,” emphasizes Susan Stern.¬† “However, I am not ruling out PPC, which involves choosing the right keywords. So, until I completely test PPC, I shall hold off endorsing it to my clients.”

The fact is, many search engine marketing methods work! Stern PR‚ĄĘ offers proven strategies.¬† “At this time, I am a fan of¬† online business listings, blogs & twitter.”¬†¬†¬†I also¬†recommend Web Video Marketing. The results are outstanding!¬† In less than 3 hours recently, I uploaded a client’s video to¬†targeted sites,¬†using¬†¬†proper keyword titles/descriptions/tags¬† –¬†and boom. My listings appear in on the 1st page of Google¬†¬†ahead of¬†– 399,000 others.¬†¬†WOW!”

Contact¬†Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern to implement these effective SEO techniques.¬†Remember…”Stern PR‚ĄĘ. Serious Strategy. Really!”


Email Marketing Power

(Omaha, NE)¬† —¬† Professionally-crafted email marketing¬†letters for business – is effective to achieve brand awareness & purchase action.¬†“Companies searching for innovative ways to reach their target clientele or¬†pursue leads – should¬†get on the email marketing bandwagon now,” notes Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern.

The potential impression rate is high. After all, most people check their email several times a day – at least. So, as long as your copywriter crafts an attention-getting headline,¬† it’s nearly guaranteed that an existing customer & potential¬†one will open the email.¬† Of course, to keep them interested – you’ll want to offer an incentive –¬†a call for action. ¬†If done right,¬†customers¬†would be able to¬†print a coupon or¬†receive a rebate, etc.

This is not to say that traditional print¬†advertising should cease. Notes Susan Stern, “hard copy mailers remain necessary for the older generation who may not be internet-connected.” Instead, Stern PR‚ĄĘ recommends¬†that Omaha businesses use¬†a mix of both print and email marketing methods. Once you build your email list, you can reduce the number of hard copy mailers, thereby spending¬†less on printing & postage costs.

Of course, not just any email marketing letter will do. Omaha businesses need to hire a professional copywriter, graphic artist and branding strategist to get the job done right. Template-based programs for do-it-yourself emails – look amateur. That is not the image you want to project! Run your company. Let Stern PR‚ĄĘ Omaha NE handle the rest.¬†

Note: Susan L. Stern of Omaha, NE is a one-person marketing practitioner in Omaha, Nebraska, specializing in marketing, advertising, public relations & journalism Рon & offline.


Online Video Ads

Businesses looking to expand their advertising options should focus on a rapidly expanding market Рonline video (OV) & traffic-driving (SEO) companies Рto tout product/services. Still in its infancy, this niche speciality market is projected to grow exponentially as businesses see value in turning to online video for advertising, branding, eLearning/training & communication. The sooner businesses jump-on-board to push their product/brands Рthe wiser, in terms of effectively utilizing ad dollars to increase revenues.

Analysts predict that by the end of this year the video ad online market will grow to a $647 million/year industry. Companies like Google are currently tapping this market, evidenced by its recent purchase of YouTube.

Obviously, Google always looks toward the future, and has the history to demonstrate that it’s investments are smart. Now that Google banks on the idea that a major portion of the $74 billion television advertising market will soon migrate – to online video ads, local business owners should take heed.

By Susan L. Stern

Editor’s Note: Stern PR at offers custom-created online videos at a reasonable rate combined with effective Search Engine Marketing.

Stern PR Videos ‚Äď New


Popular/niche offering. Susan Stern taps into her vast background¬†as a¬†TV/radio reporter, commercial script-writer/voice-over talent –¬†to create eye-popping professional videos for businesses and others:

  • Biz Videos ‚Äď Next to Your Search Engine Listing, Uploaded to Website, Social Sites Galore – Online marketing works!
  • End of School Year – Slide Shows
  • Graduation Slide Shows ‚Äď Remembrances
  • Weddings and Engagement Slide Shows
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah‚Äôs, Catholic Confirmations and More

Popular! Susan Stern also offers mass (70+) social site video submissions for a nominal monthly rate – which exponentially increases your search engine raking! Plus, to boost your business’ SEO, Stern PR will handle your Google, Bing & Yahoo Business Listings with your video uploaded there too. Rates affordable.¬†