Business Blog Benefits

(Omaha, NE)  —  Businesses reap – numerous search engine optimization (SEO) benefits from having a Blog. Most companies should have one, emphasizes Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern of Stern PR™.  Here’s why:

  • Boost page rank
  • Inform customers about new company products & services
  • Serves as a mechanism for customer comments & company replies
  • Gain industry credibility
  • Provides Brand Awareness
  • Offer real-time news

Stern PR™ defines a blog for business as a regularly updated online website containing industry-related information and opinions. It is often used to compliment a company’s official website, serving as another tool to increase search engine ranking. What sets blogs apart from other online writing, IMHO, is their dynamic nature (as opposed to static Web pages) & their voice (copywriting style).

Stern PR™ offers blog set up, maintenance and management for Omaha-area businesses – at a reasonable rate.


View a partial list of Stern PR™ blog clients:

Stern PR’s™ professionally written Blog articles, crafted with a journalism flair & a public relations slant, help business build/maintain customer relationships. Credibility. Trust.  Susan Stern 402-212-7489. Stern PR™. Serious Strategy. Really!


SEO Biz Tips Galore

1165440_39445166Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern offers not only marketing consulting recommendations, but provides all of the below listed SEO company services to business. “I can help your organization boost its online presence – in search engines – to gain market traction.” Additionally, my Omaha marketing services attract increased website traffic, help companies connect with customers, build relationships and increase revenue. Here’s how:

  • Produce an internet marketing commercial
  • Upload video commercial to website
  • Upload video & create keyword-rich Google, Bing and Yahoo Listings
  • Optimize your Web Video Commercial to sites including Youtube & 70 others
  • Create a business blog
  • Link Website to Blog – Professionally managed by Stern PR
  • Create a correctly coded, search engine-friendly website
  • Fix an incorrectly coded, search engine-unfriendly website
  • Set up Twitter & Facebook business accounts
  • Craft an awesome website that’s modern, easy-to-read & nets results
  • Recommend sharing affiliate links of client websites, i.e. link-building
  • Buy entry into recognized Web Directorys – low-cost
  • Tout specials & coupons via a Twitter account
  • Set up business listings via directories – some paid, some free
  • Write industry articles 4 online directories
  • Send out professionally-written internet press releases that net results!

“None of these strategies listed above include pay-per-click,” emphasizes Susan Stern.  “However, I am not ruling out PPC, which involves choosing the right keywords. So, until I completely test PPC, I shall hold off endorsing it to my clients.”

The fact is, many search engine marketing methods work! Stern PR™ offers proven strategies.  “At this time, I am a fan of  online business listings, blogs & twitter.”   I also recommend Web Video Marketing. The results are outstanding!  In less than 3 hours recently, I uploaded a client’s video to targeted sites, using  proper keyword titles/descriptions/tags  – and boom. My listings appear in on the 1st page of Google  ahead of – 399,000 others.  WOW!”

Contact Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern to implement these effective SEO techniques. Remember…”Stern PR™. Serious Strategy. Really!”