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Piece of Cake – Tech Tips/Tricks for All

By Susan Stern —  In this day & age where technology centers around our lives, you gotta be up-to-speed on this and that. Here at Stern PR™, based on real life experience with many internet-connectable devices, we want to share quick and easy suggestions on how to use social media, cell phones and computers a little better and/or safer.

How to Do Twitter Better

image twitter stern pr omahaIf you Tweet, the 140 character limit can be challenging. No worries. Besides using tight verbs and phrases, shorten the long URL to where you seek to link. Use the trusted Google URL Shortener found here.

If you’re a long-winded tweeter, use the free TwitLonger application here. Your tweet shall show the first 140 characters, followed by a link to a page which continues your commentary. It is simple set up. Quickly register here. Of course, to make it work, authorize the App to connect your Twitter account, before you may scribe your vaunter or spiel.

Sync Photos/Files on Cloud Services – Access Data Anywhere

Long gone are the days of lugging around floppy discs or even flash drives. Consider using free and paid Cloud services to store and sync across multiple devices like Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Dropbox. Most offer free storage up to a point with paid options for more space. Learn about Cloud Services for individuals & Business here.

Must Have! Anti-Virus for Cell & Tablets!

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhile anti-spyware computer installation is a no-brainer, don’t forget about seriously-needed cell phone & tablet security! If you do nothing, these devices are at high risk of viruses, spam or a phishing scam. Don’t do nada! A double negative used for emphasis.

Where to Download Cell/Tablet Securityinternet security stern pr omaha

To download for phone & tablets, go to Google Play or the Apple Store and search for anti-virus programs. “I recommend you only download the best rated software rather than the unfamiliar. Some top ones may charge a nominal fee, but the security coverage is worth it. If you’re on a tight budget, these top companies offer free light versions, too. Better have something, than nothing,” emphasizes Omaha Marketing Consultant Susan Stern. Watch Video about Spoofing here. 

Time-wasting Robotic Cell Calls

It can be super annoying and result in lost productivity. While going about your intense work day or during coveted family time, your cell phone rings, and it’s a robotic telemarketer saying something like, “Update your 2013 Google listing!” It’s a robo spammer. Garsh these time-wasting calls can be frustrating! Learn more here.

Download Anti-Spam Cell App

‘Number Cop’ and programs like it block known spam numbers automatically.  Downloads herein for Android or Apple I-Phones. “What’s great is that this App automatically detects many telemarketers and scam artists without having to answer the telephone. It works well, free for 30 days and costs about $2.99 to use thereafter, too,” said Stern. For more phone security advice, click here.

How # Cop Works for Cell Phones

‘Number Cop’, which holds a database of known spam numbers, blocks designated calls and sends them to voice-mail, where most hang up. Later, when time permits, view the blocked call history to obtain sender info and complaint stats. This App also allows you to block any phone # – a great gadget. Hooray.

PC Keylogger Finder to Spot a Thief

image-thumb-print-stern-pr-omahaIf your fast-as-lightening computer drags, run a free try-before-you-buy keylogger detection scan. “I recommend you go to PCMagazine or CNET to locate, download and eventually buy the keylogger finder rather than do so from unknown sites. I trust these reputable companies for downloads, reviews and software,” said Stern.

Do Frequent Windows Security Updates

To prevent security breaches, manually and regularly check (once a week) windows update security install status. Danger, danger. Don’t click install if a pop up asks you to update Windows, Adobe Flash Player or any program. The pop ups could actually be malware disguising themselves as the real deal. Tip: go to Adobe’s official site to download flash player. It is a safe, trusted source.

How to Update Windows properly: Even if you have set windows to automatically update, you should manually check the status at least once a week. (1) Go to Start Button (2) Click ‘My Computer’ (3) Scroll down to Windows Update (4) Open Prompt & Proceed (5) Restart Computer to Update Security Features

Use Alternate Browsers

It’s always wise to download several different browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. It is debatable which browser is the safest. But unscientific local industry buzz appears to pick Mozilla Firefox, followed by Google Chrome, at this time. Browser Safety Tip: Make sure you frequently update the browsers and plug ins for stability and security.

Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

Increase website ranking (SEO) on Google, Bing & Yahoo by encouraging customers to write reviews on Google Maps, Manta, Yelp, Merchantcircle and the like.

Copy & Pasting Option

Should your right click option not properly work or you prefer an easy alternative, press the Ctrl C key to copy and Ctrl V to paste.

Keyboard Short Cuts

Press F5 to refresh or reload a web page. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the + or – to increase and decrease text size.

Get Word Definitions Quickly

Put define behind a word and Google it; you’ll get that word’s definition.

Online Shop Tip – Leave Item in Cart for a Bitashoppingcart

Before you buy, leave the item in the cart for a day or so. You may receive an email coupon from said company, saving you dollars.

Stern PR™ Tech Tricks & Tips

Everyone who uses a cell phone, tablet or computer may appreciate these simple tips and tricks on how to use them better and safer, courtesy of Stern PR™ Omaha. For more information, contact Susan Stern now.