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miage-sternpr-omaha-copywriter Omaha Copywriter Extraordinaire

No doubt. Every business needs a professional Omaha copywriter to tell their story online & off! But let’s face facts. Many writers can’t pen a fantastic website like Susan Stern of Stern PR Marketing™. “I’ve been writing for 20+ years for broadcast TV News, PR, Video and Marketing. So, I know how to scribe well. Active verbs. Descriptive adjectives. Plus, I’ve learned the ever-evolving fine art of Search Engine Optimization writing, too” emphasizes Stern.

Wide Scope of Project Writing Avail

Susan Stern spends a lot of time writing website/social media content for the Omaha website design clients she represents. Check out Monthly SEO/Social Media Packages here. But that’s not all Stern does.

Omaha Resume Writing Services
Video Production & News Releases

Stern helps local executives land a job – Omaha resume writing services by Stern PR Marketing™. Plus, having spent more than a decade in on-air TV/radio broadcast journalism, Susan Stern is the go-to person offering Omaha press release services, too.

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Omaha Web Design, Omaha Marketing Firm

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Land a Job! Omaha Resume Writing Services

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Affordable & highly effective Omaha resume writing service that captures the attention of employers. 20+ years experience. Few can offer professional Omaha copywriting like Susan Stern of Stern PR™. For executives to blue collar. Omaha writer who pens an exceptional resume!

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Susan Stern Public Relations :: USA Campaign Consultant Achieves!

snap shot of stern public relations firm omaha nebraskaOmaha Public Relations Firm
Handles It All

(Omaha, NE)  —  If you have a consumer or industry-specific campaign your group, organization or movement wants to launch, count on Omaha Public Relations Practitioner Susan Stern to take your idea and transform into a newsworthy, full fledged USA campaign – which garners support and attention nationally, regionally or locally – netting quantifiable results!

Stern PR™ Touch
With the Susan Stern copywriting touch, your issue shall garner news media coverage online & off. Yes, the solution to Omaha-based campaign development/implementation IS indeed Susan Stern.

“I love the work I do. I am a passionate person through and through. I care and work very hard to do an outstanding job with the mark of total professionalism,” remarks Susan Stern.

Located in Nebraska, Omaha PR/Marketer Consultant Susan Stern basically operates as a one-woman band for clients, per se.

Intense Copywriting & Research
Former Journalist Susan Stern was called upon by two USA cattle ranchers to develop a National campaign to raise consumer awareness of controversial cattle feed additives called beta agonists that are under industry scrutiny. The process began with Susan Stern conducting ****extensive hours of industry research, followed by copywriting, back-and-forth client proofing and logo development. Susan Stern developed the campaign name: Beef Additive Alert™ and purchased the domain, too. Susan also handled the videography and graphic design, plus:

A Noteworthy Thank you for Beef Additive Alert™ News Coverage
We commend the “Lincoln Journal Star” & Agricultural Reporter Art Hovey who has done a thorough job of covering these controversial beta agonist issues which are important to the USA Beef Industry, Consumers and Youth show ring programs. Hovey quoted Stern PR client Gerald Timmerman, a prominent Springfield, Nebraska cattle rancher. The reporter called Susan Stern based on the news release (s) Stern PR developed & distributed locally, regionally & nationally.   Read PR Web News Release

Other news coverage, thus far:
Beef Magazine
Sioux City Journal
Lincoln Journal Star
Wall Street Journal
KPTM Fox 42
Livestock Market Digest
Nutrition News

Notes of Appreciation

Stern PR™ wishes to publicly commend Canyon Texas High School Ag Science & FFA instructor Jeff Klose for presenting a project to his classroom on the controversial beta agonist cattle feed issue. Klose asked us to answer a series of questions, to which we did. We wish more teachers would recognize the importance this matter is to consumers, youth show ring competitors and the cattle industry. Cheers!

As you can see, Susan Stern, Stern PR™ nets results for her clients! A one woman band, per se, Omaha PR Practitioner Susan Stern offers everything under one roof. All in all, expect personalized service from someone who really cares about her clients. “I have a vested interest in client satisfaction. I understand that If you succeed, I succeed,” notes Susan.

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Article Originally published on Aug. 22, 2013
Updated on January 23, 2014

How to Improve Google Rank? Outsource SEO Omaha

stern pr omaha website design companySEO Omaha Neb
Tip: Not Do-it-Yourself!

Effective SEO Omaha Services demand labor-intensive work from an internet marketing specialist who uses a variety of techniques to optimize your online corporate identity, regularly.

Google’s Crawlers :: Indexing Sites

It takes Google anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months for site indexing, and then maybe another couple of months for the site to earn a search result place. The search engine ranking challenge takes regular work. Stern PR – can get your organization up high using website content writing, tags, link building and social media.

image-social-media-seo-omahaSEO is Ever Changing
> Marketer Omaha Elaborates

If an Omaha SEO Company promises you 1st page Google ranking, run. Position depends on third party algorithms, of which no Omaha SEO firm has control. There are no guarantees of SEO effectiveness. That said, it’s important to have a reliable search engine optimization company that has a proven track record, like Stern PR™.

Relevant Keywords Essential
> SEO Omaha Firm Clarifiesimage-cart-keywords-seo-omaha-neb

Keywords rightfully named Keywords are the basic and most fundamental aspect of SEO, when used and optimized correctly. Stern PR™ will ensure that keywords are a part of all content, titles, meta keywords, descriptions headings, and content: social media, website pages & blog post. Writing for both aesthetics & SEO – few can do.

Update. Update. Update
> SEO Tasks Pivotal

Websites need constant updates and improvements. New blog posts, product descriptions, rewriting and editing copy and fixing broken links are all changes that will call search engine spiders back to your site. Updating also ensures you are using still using the correct keywords to reach your target market and that your content is informative, interesting, and business promoting.

stern pr marketing firm omaha neb websiteOutsource SEO Omaha Nebraska :: Stern PR

Run your business. We’ll do the rest. Check out Monthly SEO/Social Media packages, contact Stern PR™ now.

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Exceptional Omaha Video Production

Quality HD Omaha Video Production

camera omaha video production servicesIf you own a business or represent an organization, here’s some friendly advice. You NEED Video! Without a doubt, in this day and age of technology-triggered short attention spans, HD video is one of the best ways to entice someone to read your website, pick up the phone or visit your brick-and-mortar shop. Innovator Stern PR Marketing™ recommends all clients invest in an Omaha video production which will, without a doubt, take your business to a higher level. Something to boast about!

SEO Omaha Tip | Video Boosts Google Rank!

Air your video on broadcast television. In the boardroom. At a trade show. Be ahead of your competition. Post your Omaha Video production – on the home page of your website –  which is very, very effective to boost Google, Bing and Yahoo ranking.

Susan Stern Omaha“I’m one of the first marketers in Nebraska to implement Omaha Video Production internet marketing to catapult your business ranking on the search engines. There have been a few clients who’ve shown up on the 1st page within 48 hours due to the fantastic video and our proprietary search engine optimization Omaha techniques we use,” emphasizes Susan Stern.

Stern PR™
Quality Omaha Video Production

If you want quality HD, Stern PR™ is a great choice. “With over a decade of on-air broadcast journalism experience, I approach each Omaha video production with a newsworthy and creative eye. Few can say they can do that! We, here at Stern PR Marketing do great Omaha Video production, period.” said Susan Stern.

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Affordable Website Design Omaha Neb

Great Website Design Omaha Small Business

image-ad-affordable-website-design-for-small-business-omaha-nebIf you have a business, nowadays you absolutely 100% need a great website, monthly SEO/Social media plan and an Omaha Marketing Consultant to handle it all for your organization. A word of caution. Most website designers in Omaha, Nebraska are simply just that – developers – technical people. They are not professional Omaha copywriters nor graphic designers. They are not Omaha video production professionals nor handle SEO Omaha firm work, i.e., website ranking on Google, Bing & Yahoo. You need ‘one’ Omaha Website Design firm that handles ALL these services and more – Stern PR™, of course!

Internet Marketing Omaha | One Stop Shop

“Here at Stern PR Marketing™, we are your one-stop shop for affordable Omaha Website design, fantastic copywriting (writing for advertising/search engines). Plus, we DO exceptional SEO Omaha, social media maintenance, graphics, writing, video and more”, notes Omaha Website Designer Marketer Susan Stern.

Your organization must see the big picture, and invest in a quality Omaha website designer that would handle all your marketing needs for corporate identity consistency. Hiring one person to handle this, and another to handle that – doesn’t make any sense, period. That’s why you need Stern PR Marketing™ – that’s all!

Omaha Public Relations Firm Services Galore

omaha nebraska website design serviceStern PR™ also provides Omaha Public Relations Firm services, too. Helping organizations reach their target market via local, regional and national campaign development, including, but not limited to website design, logo, campaign slogan and name, video commercial, Omaha news release services, marketing research, media coaching and much more.

Why Stern PR IS Affordable
Website Design Omaha

Face facts. Phone book advertising is becoming obsolete. Printed mailers are costly and less desirable. Best advice. Change your marketing budget priorities. After all, in this day and age, having a strong internet presence may make or break your business. Count on Stern PR Marketing™ to provide your organization with 21st Century Omaha Website Design services, social media, video, graphics and high ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

image-phone-affordable-website-design-for-small-business-omaha-nebInquiries? Contact Susan Stern now. 402-212-7489
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Wowable Omaha Website Design | Stern PR, Of Course!

image-ad-sternpr-omaha-website-designMore than a Website Designer

Can’t afford a full-time marketing department staff? In this day and age, you have to outsource. Your organization needs an active internet presence. There is zero need to go to this place & that for Omaha marketing services. Count on Stern PR Marketing™ for everything! One stop shop.

Exceptional Marketing +
Omaha Website Design Services

Stern PR Marketing™ offers both traditional & internet Marketing Omaha Neb. services galore:

Internet Marketing Omaha Neb
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So, look no further than Stern PR™ for Fantastic Omaha Website Design & much more.

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More than Just… Omaha Website Design

So, Who is Stern PR™ :: Beyond Website Design Omaha Neb

omaha marketing firm website design company nebWe’re an affordable, two-person, full-service creative and technical Omaha Marketing & PR firm offering consistent name-branding building & maintenance on & offline since 2004.

Marketing & PR Firm Omaha

We help start ups and established organizations reach their target market utilizing the entire marketing mix: traditional and via internet.  Our team-of-two creates 21st century creative campaigns with an outside-the-box mindset – which outshines competitors. Unlike most Marketing Firms that outsource many tasks, we accomplish ALL the work, offering personalized service & tasks aplenty beyond website design Omaha Neb:

  • Marketing, Advertising & PR Consulting
  • Website design & development
  • Social Media, Website & Blog Management
  • Monthly SEO
  • Copywriting (writing) for aesthetics and SEO
  • Graphic design
  • HD video production for commercials & in boardroom
  • Photography
  • Publicity public relations: news release angle production & distribution, media coaching, Spokeswoman tasks and consulting
  • Advertising: TV & Radio Ad Production, buying & placement

Our Philosophy 
Exceeding expectations is our commitment. Omaha Marketer Susan Stern emphasizes, “If we succeed, you succeed – our objective. We care about our clients. Since we focus on our client’s best interest rather than sales. if we recommend something, believe it to be true. We possess a proven track record of streamlining a company’s image and putting them on the internet map!” Our slogan: ‘We help business grow.’

Why Stern PR™ IS Better
All tasks offered affordably.
Stern PR™ differentiates itself from most website design firms in Omaha Neb. because Susan Stern is a multi-skilled professional specializing in writing, design and media. Consistency, personalized service and affordability are her trademarks.

Stern PR™ Recognized in OWH & Nationally
The Omaha World Herald recently recognized Stern PR Marketing™ in a business section article on Easter Sunday 2013. Susan Stern was quoted and client complimented for creating an Omaha company’s entire business image from scratch: 1st page ranking, Logo design, video production TV commercials, graphic design, copywriting, legal contract writing, social media postings, print advertisements, media coaching and media buying & placement.

Susan Stern’s prowess as a former on-air broadcast news journalist-turned-PR Practitioner has helped put a recent client (Beef Additive Alert) in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Meating Place, Fox, Lincoln Journal Star among other national, international, regional and local news outlets. That’s free publicity, courtesy of Susan Stern.

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OPINION: Brazen Omaha Police Union Baby Curse Video: Bad PR

Omaha Police Union Video Release Miscalculated
PR Professional Weighs In

Breaking News: 3pm Central, Jan. 8, 2014 – OPUA Adds Blur Effect to Child’s Face Today
By Susan Stern – Public Relations Reax Omaha

image-ethics-defined-omaha-police-union-swearing-toddler-video(Omaha, NE)  —  The Omaha Police Union catapulted its association to national news this week, it certainly did. Mainstream media far & wide have picked up the explosive local story of the Omaha Police Officers Association yesterday posting an uncensored video of a swearing black toddler in a diaper and titled it ‘The Thug Cycle.’ Let’s objectively discuss a different angle on this hot button issue – the view of a former-journalist-turned-PR-practitioner, with ethics at the forefront.

Police Union Erred: Racial Overtones?

There’s no doubt that the seemingly well-intentioned Omaha Police Union achieved its goal of triggering public debate & education. An apparent win? Not exactly. There’s a question, if the PR storm was worth the negative publicity? While this author admires the OPUA’s chutzpah & the goal to educate seems altruistic, as a Public Relations Practitioner Omaha, I would have strongly advised against this organization presenting said video with the ‘thug style’ depiction, a video reportedly plucked from someone’s publicly-set Facebook page and posted on the official Police Union website ‘news’ section. Why? It’s never a wise move for a police union to risk offending a racial minority, gender or religion, at any time, especially in light of a freshly sensitive topic: the alleged March 2013 Omaha police melee with a cuffed black man caught on video.

Union Not PC? | Poor Choice of Semantics

Another mistake about releasing the toddler cursing video was the wording. The OPUA, on its website blog, should not have used the word ‘thug cycle’ lifestyle to describe what they thought the video depicts: Thug, nowadays, is jargon, an offensive newer N-word, some say. On a similar note, the Omaha’s top cop distanced himself from the hoopla:image-power-of-words-offensive-omaha-police-union-video

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer statement: “I strongly disagree with any postings that may cause a divide in our community or an obstacle to police community relations.”

This author, Omaha Marketing Consultant Susan Stern offers this opinion:

I do think the OPUA should toe the so-called party line per se, and had opted not to release video in the way it did, which created waves of contention involving a sensitive ethnic populous like Police Chief  Schmaderer  hinted. That said, as it stands, I would have told the OPUA not to run the video. If the organization’s leaders were hell-bent on doing so despite my recommendation, which does happen in PR from time to time,  then I would suggest they ask someone else to post the blurred child video in the website comment section, then the Union could react via news release, albeit – more sensitively.

Better Way of Spotlighting Supposed Violence Cycle

If a third party user had first posted the video on the OPUA website or social media to share the alarm, the onus would rest on the third party. It does NOT appear that the individual nor OPUA would get in legal hot water. Free speech protects the user. For OUSA there’s the Communications Decency Act (CDA), interpreted to say that operators of websites are not construed as publishers, and thus not legally liable for the words of third parties who use their services. 

A OPUA website user posting the video would have worked better and kept the attention focused on the content of the deplorable video itself rather than the union drawing fire. Different approach. Similar effect – to trigger public education & awareness. Of course, that third party should have digitally altered the video to blur the minor child’s face – another key problem with the way the Omaha Police Union *initially presented the toddler video release. By identifying the kid’s face, the union miscalculated: a child’s identity should be protected. Update January 8, 2014: OPUA has re-posted video with child’s face blurred.

Responsible News Outlets Blur Toddler Face
OPUA Should Have

image-swearing-toddler-omaha-police-union-videoStern PR™ thinks the Omaha Police Union should take a lesson from CNN and other ethics-driven news outlets. It should be noted that many news stations & networks did the right thing by altering said video to blur toddler’s face. The need to bleep out cuss words like the B word is debatable, but responsible journalism since children may be in ear shot of the nightly news. Leave it up to non-mainstream alternative sites like Gawker to post the video in its entirety. Update: The OPUA, probably advised of both moral & perhaps legal ramifications, has today re-posted said video with a blur effect censoring the child’s face.

Website Commenter Scenario Better
Better OPUA Statement Should Have Been…

image-comment-box-omaha-police-union-baby-swear-videoSo under the scenario of a website commenter posting the video to the Union Website or social media, the Omaha Police Union could have given a reaction via a news release involving a ‘sensitive’ statement:

The Omaha Police Union is very concerned about the video contents. It appears to show local adults teaching a toddler to curse while glamorizing the scourge of society, street gangs, which is appalling.  While controversial, we do understand the point the person publicizing the video in our website comment section appears to be making, to educate. We believe raising law-abiding children with good values starts with the parent. In this video, it appears individuals have failed this child in this regard.

copyright 2Copyright Issue for Video Copying?

As a former journalist-turned-Public Relations practitioner in Omaha, with general knowledge about copyright, a legal question arises. Did the Omaha Police Union copy the video without permission, illegally? Or, did the original video uploader set his/her youtube channel to allow embedding, which implies consent. If no embedding was permitted, there may be a copyright ownership claim.

National News Confuses Union with OPD

The Omaha Police Department has tried to distance itself from the Union’s ‘thug’ video release. But as expected, some news outlets have failed to differentiate between the true source with headlines like ‘Omaha Police Cursing Toddler Video’ and the like – pointing the finger at the Omaha Police Department. A PR practitioner would have advised the Union of the potential for confusion in news headlines. Plus, the likelihood of further disharmony with the OPD.

Omaha PR Police Union Lessons

All in all, the Omaha Police Union triggered a lot of unnecessary publicity and a shift in their desired focus by miscalculating the way it publicized the ‘thuggery’ video: (1) failure to blur minor child’s face initially – OPUA added blur effect after-the-fact, (2) posted as an official Union article in the news section, and (3) used racially derogatory language to depict it.

This author Susan Stern summarizes:

The Omaha Police Department Association should have hired an ‘independent’ Public Relations Omaha practitioner like Stern PR Marketing, and, if questions remain unanswered about posting or not to post, the Omaha PR firm would recommend OPUA run the content to an attorney for prior approval. This do-it-yourself-public relations by Union officials is risky and not recommended in the future.

Fact is, the Omaha Police Union’s apparent well-intentioned message may have been lost in their approach. Now the union is drawing outrage because some view the ‘thug cycle’ depiction as patently offensive to the local African American community, shedding a potential bad light on Omaha police and the union, plus the community as a whole. So, the lesson for the future?  The OPUA certainly knew their actions would trigger controversy. So, when in doubt, leave it out.

Or ask a PR practitioner who knows.

*When the Omaha Police Union first publicly embedded the toddler cursing video was on or about January 5, 2014: the minor child’s face was identifiable. Today, at some point, the OPUA re-posted the video with the child’s face censored with a blur effect. 
Inquiries? For Public Relations Firm Omaha consulting, contact Susan Stern.
image comment below omaha police union toddler cuss video

Omaha Video Production Moving Up Higher

Omaha Video Production Reaches Higher Level

image stern pr omaha video production(Omaha, NE)  —  You’ve come along way baby, should be a slogan for Stern PR Marketing™ Omaha video production services. 2013 marks a milestone for Stern PR™. 2014 looks exceptionally bright, too!

“After over a decade of success helping area business grow, in the past few months we have been fortunate enough to be able to purchase higher quality, commercial-grade video equipment (camcorder, mikes, lighting) that has resulted in a better quality video product overall for our clients. Without a doubt, it’s truly exciting that Stern PR™ Video Production Omaha has reached a higher level of professionalism,” notes Omaha video producer Susan Stern, owner/operator of Stern PR Marketing™.

Stern PR Committed to Video Expertise

Omaha videographer Susan Stern is constantly educating herself on video production, editing, lighting and audio techniques in an effort to improve the client product. “I’ve invested countless hours learning modern videography and, of course, will continue to do so seeking perfection. It’s the way we do things around here – educate, educate, educate. Certainly, my efforts have made clients very, very happy, thus far. We look forward to the future, as we implement more animation and other mod techniques,” emphasizes Stern.

Omaha Video Production With Journalistic Eye

Omaha videographer Susan Stern approaches most projects with a reporter’s view. That means, each video will be newsworthy, clever & noteworthy. “I have a unique approach to video production. I am able to detect what’s most interesting to consumers and B2B clients. Now that our equipment and editing software is top-notch, our Omaha video production company is capable of providing a higher quality HD product that nets very positive feedback.”

Stern PR One Stop Omaha Video Production

Contact Stern PR™ to learn why every business needs an Internet Video commercial on the home page of the website. In the boardroom. During a convention. For an online business listing. On Social Media and traditional Cable TV. Visit the official Website NOW to learn more.  Inquires? 402-212-7489

Visit Youtube Channel!

stern pr marketing firm omaha neb website

A Word About SEO – Omaha Marketer Muses

With an estimated 70% of people going online before buying a product or service combined with the reality that traditional phone books have become obsolete, having a 1st page Google ranking is absolutely essential, right? Correct.

Getting there is no easy feat, especially if your industry is highly competitive. That’s why your business should outsource SEO Omaha firm work to Stern PR™.

seo omaha“Ranking high on Google, Bing and Yahoo is absolutely essential nowadays. 1st page position can make or break a business,” notes Marketing Consultant Susan Stern, who offers business affordable SEO services in Omaha, Nebraska, including internet marketing, video, copywriting, and website design.

“Let me share a story with you. A week or so ago, I met with a potential client who complimented Stern PR for appearing on the 1st page of Google for my company’s key terms – except for one.”

“I told her ‘thank you for reminding me, but candidly, our business is so busy lately, that we have neglected Stern PR’s own SEO. But thanks again for the reminder, we will get to it’ and we did immediately,” Stern told the business owner.

A week or so later, boom. Stern PR™  achieved that 1st page ranking for the one keyword term that was not ranking right. Whew!

Ranking High Requires Regular SEO

The moral of the story? SEO takes regular, monthly work by a professional SEO Omaha firm. It’s not do-it-yourself. The fact is, if a keyword is not regularly worked on, your ranking for it will continue to fall, as had occurred to Stern PR™ for one keyword term, albeit briefly. In other words, if your business has declined to outsource SEO to an Omaha internet marketing pro and is not ranking high, then a competitor will take that business from you. Dollars down the drain.

Commit to a Monthly SEO Investment

Back in the day, local businesses would spend on average about $300 to $900 per month on phone book listings. With phone books becoming obsolete, that money should now be invested in internet marketing. Count on Stern PR™ for exceptional monthly SEO/Social Media maintenance packages starting from $300 and up – depending on the competitiveness of your business and other factors.

A Note About SEO Promises

A word to the wise. No SEO Omaha firm should ever promise 1st page Google, Bing and Yahoo ranking – ever. If they do, run. SEO is not an exact science. It’s dependent upon third parties. So, the best a business can do is hire someone local with a proven track record of SEO success.

Make 2014 more profitable! Outsource all Omaha marketing work to Stern PR™. For more information on monthly SEO packages, website design in Omaha, video and other services contact Stern PR Marketing™ today!

Online Polls Flunk? Google Surveys Shows Spunk

Many Online Surveys Reveal Nothing of Value

By Susan Stern Omaha, NE  — Website surveys can be fun and timely. That said, it is college survey 101, that this quick polling method is unbinding & unscientific. Nothing at all can be extrapolated from the “results” unless the poll is conducted by a reputable marketing research firm. In fact, many quick website poll “findings” tell us solely about the opinions of those who participated, which is likely, heavily skewed. Accuracy in polling requires a random sample among other key factors.

Hypothetically, let’s put it this way: Let’s say a Democrat-leaning website runs a home page survey asking users if they support President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Regular site visitor Mary Sue might contact all her like-minded pals encouraging them to vote said way on the site they might frequent. Conclusion: these poll “results” do not produce a random survey sample. has an article entitled “Why Online Polls are Bunk” here.

Google Surveys’ Accuracy in 2012 POTUS Election

It should be noted, however, not all online polling is unreliable. Google Consumer Surveys ranked #2 for accuracy in its final survey for the 2012 Presidential Election, compared to traditional surveying methods: live person and robo-dial.

“Google Consumer Surveys appears to be gaining credibility for its polling reliability. Marketers might want to consider using this product. What’s helpful is that you can call a live Google representative for guidance, as well,” notes Susan Stern, owner of Stern PR, an Omaha Marketing firm. For more information on Google Consumer Surveys please read “Which Polls Fared Best & Worst in the 2012 Presidential Election’ by NYTimes writer Nate Silver.

Reliability of Google Consumer Surveys

A marketer tip: Google appears to have a reliable polling product, producing results with “a close approximation to a random sample of the US Population & results as accurate as Probability Panels.”

Probability Panels definition: an estimate of “attitude or opinion in the entire population with statistical confidence”, methodology which provides the “foundation for survey research and political polling,” notes Google Insights Consumer Surveys found here. Read

Summary of Online Polling Methods

So yes, while a website survey may cover timely issues, unless the poll is conducted by a reputable research firm, the quick site poll “results” don’t tell us anything of measurable value. Google Consumer Surveys, however, appears to have a highly accurate online polling product, of which marketers may want to use. As New York Times Political reporter Nate Silver aptly stated, “perhaps it won’t be long before Google, not Gallup, is the most trusted name in polling.”

Inquiries? For Omaha Marketing Research, please contact Consultant Susan Stern here.

Stern PR: Easy-Peasy Tech Tips/Tricks

Piece of Cake – Tech Tips/Tricks for All

By Susan Stern —  In this day & age where technology centers around our lives, you gotta be up-to-speed on this and that. Here at Stern PR™, based on real life experience with many internet-connectable devices, we want to share quick and easy suggestions on how to use social media, cell phones and computers a little better and/or safer.

How to Do Twitter Better

image twitter stern pr omahaIf you Tweet, the 140 character limit can be challenging. No worries. Besides using tight verbs and phrases, shorten the long URL to where you seek to link. Use the trusted Google URL Shortener found here.

If you’re a long-winded tweeter, use the free TwitLonger application here. Your tweet shall show the first 140 characters, followed by a link to a page which continues your commentary. It is simple set up. Quickly register here. Of course, to make it work, authorize the App to connect your Twitter account, before you may scribe your vaunter or spiel.

Sync Photos/Files on Cloud Services – Access Data Anywhere

Long gone are the days of lugging around floppy discs or even flash drives. Consider using free and paid Cloud services to store and sync across multiple devices like Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Dropbox. Most offer free storage up to a point with paid options for more space. Learn about Cloud Services for individuals & Business here.

Must Have! Anti-Virus for Cell & Tablets!

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhile anti-spyware computer installation is a no-brainer, don’t forget about seriously-needed cell phone & tablet security! If you do nothing, these devices are at high risk of viruses, spam or a phishing scam. Don’t do nada! A double negative used for emphasis.

Where to Download Cell/Tablet Securityinternet security stern pr omaha

To download for phone & tablets, go to Google Play or the Apple Store and search for anti-virus programs. “I recommend you only download the best rated software rather than the unfamiliar. Some top ones may charge a nominal fee, but the security coverage is worth it. If you’re on a tight budget, these top companies offer free light versions, too. Better have something, than nothing,” emphasizes Omaha Marketing Consultant Susan Stern. Watch Video about Spoofing here. 

Time-wasting Robotic Cell Calls

It can be super annoying and result in lost productivity. While going about your intense work day or during coveted family time, your cell phone rings, and it’s a robotic telemarketer saying something like, “Update your 2013 Google listing!” It’s a robo spammer. Garsh these time-wasting calls can be frustrating! Learn more here.

Download Anti-Spam Cell App

‘Number Cop’ and programs like it block known spam numbers automatically.  Downloads herein for Android or Apple I-Phones. “What’s great is that this App automatically detects many telemarketers and scam artists without having to answer the telephone. It works well, free for 30 days and costs about $2.99 to use thereafter, too,” said Stern. For more phone security advice, click here.

How # Cop Works for Cell Phones

‘Number Cop’, which holds a database of known spam numbers, blocks designated calls and sends them to voice-mail, where most hang up. Later, when time permits, view the blocked call history to obtain sender info and complaint stats. This App also allows you to block any phone # – a great gadget. Hooray.

PC Keylogger Finder to Spot a Thief

image-thumb-print-stern-pr-omahaIf your fast-as-lightening computer drags, run a free try-before-you-buy keylogger detection scan. “I recommend you go to PCMagazine or CNET to locate, download and eventually buy the keylogger finder rather than do so from unknown sites. I trust these reputable companies for downloads, reviews and software,” said Stern.

Do Frequent Windows Security Updates

To prevent security breaches, manually and regularly check (once a week) windows update security install status. Danger, danger. Don’t click install if a pop up asks you to update Windows, Adobe Flash Player or any program. The pop ups could actually be malware disguising themselves as the real deal. Tip: go to Adobe’s official site to download flash player. It is a safe, trusted source.

How to Update Windows properly: Even if you have set windows to automatically update, you should manually check the status at least once a week. (1) Go to Start Button (2) Click ‘My Computer’ (3) Scroll down to Windows Update (4) Open Prompt & Proceed (5) Restart Computer to Update Security Features

Use Alternate Browsers

It’s always wise to download several different browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. It is debatable which browser is the safest. But unscientific local industry buzz appears to pick Mozilla Firefox, followed by Google Chrome, at this time. Browser Safety Tip: Make sure you frequently update the browsers and plug ins for stability and security.

Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

Increase website ranking (SEO) on Google, Bing & Yahoo by encouraging customers to write reviews on Google Maps, Manta, Yelp, Merchantcircle and the like.

Copy & Pasting Option

Should your right click option not properly work or you prefer an easy alternative, press the Ctrl C key to copy and Ctrl V to paste.

Keyboard Short Cuts

Press F5 to refresh or reload a web page. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the + or – to increase and decrease text size.

Get Word Definitions Quickly

Put define behind a word and Google it; you’ll get that word’s definition.

Online Shop Tip – Leave Item in Cart for a Bitashoppingcart

Before you buy, leave the item in the cart for a day or so. You may receive an email coupon from said company, saving you dollars.

Stern PR™ Tech Tricks & Tips

Everyone who uses a cell phone, tablet or computer may appreciate these simple tips and tricks on how to use them better and safer, courtesy of Stern PR™ Omaha. For more information, contact Susan Stern now.

Stern PR Client Successes | Beef Additive Alert Campaign

Stern PR Client Successes | Beef Additive Alert Campaign.

Stern PR Client Successes | Beef Additive Alert Campaign

stern pr omaha website design companyStern PR™ Client Campaign Successes

(Omaha, NE)  — Stern PR Marketing™ has positive news to report about Client USA Beef Additive Alert™ in which Susan Stern is campaign development director. Notes Stern, “Cheers. Hear, hear! We got to hand it to USA Cattle Ranchers Harvey Dietrich and Gerald Timmerman who have helped put this controversial beta agonist cattle feed issue to the industry forefront & consumer mindset. Their efforts appear to be working.”

√ Many Beef Additive Alert™ Client Objectives Accomplished

As outlined on the Beef Additive Alert™ Facebook Campaign Page: (1) Cargill and (2) Tyson suspends buying cattle fed Zilpaterol; (3) Merck suspends sales of FDA-approved additive; (4) Research underway for potentially Zilpaterol-related Animal welfare issues; (5) Campaign revealed that Youth are a target market of a beta agonist cattle feed FDA-approved muscle-bulking drug, which an undetermined # of young show ring exhibitors have used to seek a competitive advantage; (6) The Chicago Mercantile Exchange on October 7, 2013 shall end delivery of cattle-fed Zilmax; and (7) Consumers are increasingly becoming more informed! Yes, Beef Additive Alert™ is doing the right thing for America. Together, we can all effectuate industry change to preserve USA Beef quality, consistency and integrity! Share your voice.”

Stern PR™ Reaction

“In a little over 1 (one) month, the Beef Additive Alert™ Campaign has contributed to making a positive impact: educating consumers and helping embrace industry change. We wholeheartedly believe that our clients have done the right thing by bringing the beta agonist cattle feed issue to the forefront, to America’s mindset,” said Susan Stern.

“We are proud to be the messenger of our client’s valiant mission. It takes courage and determination. So, cheers and hats off to USA Cattle Ranchers, self-described ol’ cowboys Gerald Timmerman & Harvey Dietrich,” added Stern.

What Stern PR™ Produces

Stern developed the campaign, as a one woman ban per se, including research & copywriting, website & graphic design, campaign logo, Video PSA, voice-over, social media administration, on camera spokeswoman, news release production, campaign name and so on. “You don’t need a 3-10 person National PR Firm to get the job done right. You just need us – our two person Omaha Nebraska Public Relations & Marketing company,” emphasizes Stern.

Inquiries? To contact Susan Stern about National, Regional & Local Omaha PR and Marketing services, visit official website here.

omaha website design firm nebraska stern pr snapshotNext Step: Learn about Omaha Public Relations Firm Stern PR™

Omaha Business Writer | Stern PR

omaha copywriting serviceOmaha Business Writer

Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations & Journalism. There’s no other place in town to look for an Omaha business writer. Stern PR Marketing IS your one stop shop for Omaha copywriting services.

Omaha Copywriter

“My clients appreciate my expertise. I bring forth 20+ years experience as a professional Omaha copywriter in the news business and corporate communications combined.  I bring forth & scribe the right words, verbs and adjectives – resulting in aesthetically-appealing copy,” notes Omaha Copywriter Susan Stern.

Omaha Website Content Writer

Stern PR Marketing is an established Omaha website content writer. Susan Stern will tell your company story with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. Exceptional website writing by Stern PR. From slogan creation, biographies, corporate image and so on. Just name the task.

Omaha Press Release Writing Company

Susan Stern also specializes in news release writing and distribution. Whatever your goal, Susan Stern will develop an idea and transform it into a newsworthy press release – locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Omaha Campaign Development

If you want to launch a national consumer action campaign, look no further than Stern PR Marketing. Public Relations Practitioner Susan Stern will handle all aspects of the project from research, copywriting and, logo design. Expect exceptional Omaha website & graphic design, .

Rely on Stern PR for social media, new release production and distribution, media interview coaching, spokesperson tasks, interview scheduling and consulting.

Inquiries? Contact Susan Stern direct in Omaha.
image phone omaha business writer402-212-7489

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Cutting Edge Omaha Marketing & PR Firm

(Omaha, NE) —  Stern PR Marketing. A cutting edge Omaha Marketing and PR firm providing start-ups and established companies with smart solutions to propel your brand forward. Call Susan Stern direct (402) 212-7489 | Read Stern PR Reviews
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website design-omaha

AP Reporter Phone Taps | Former Reporter Condemns

image-spu-sternprmarketingomaha(Omaha, NE)  — Shock and dismay. Outrage and suspicion. My reaction as a former Radio/TV journalist working in Washington, D.C., Iowa and in Omaha, when I read that the Department of Justice secretly spied on AP reporter & editor personal/professional phone call records.

CNN reports the “DOJ disclosed on Monday afternoon that it tapped two months’ worth of phone records of AP reporters and editors” as part of probe into national security leaks to the press. This intrusion was announced after-the-fact coming on the heals of a heavy-handed IRS targeting Conservative groups that oppose Obama and other Democrats.

No matter the reason for reporter spying, the Obama Administration clearly abused its power and violated the long-standing practice of Freedom of the Press and the right to protect sources in legal proceedings. Specifically, the Justice Department did not follow the usual policy, which is to give news organizations a chance to negotiate or contest such a subpoena ahead of time.

At present, there is no federal law that prohibits the feds from accessing reporter phone records. That said, the feds violated one of the pillars of Democracy, a free press, albeit it did not break any laws. There is no doubt that reporters nationwide feel fear and intimidation.

The time is right now for U.S. lawmakers to draft strong federal shield laws to protect reporters and their news-gathering sources and materials.

While Federal laws do not protect reporters’ privacy, the majority of states do have shield laws. Nebraska is one of 40 states according to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.  Here in the Cornhusker state, The Free Flow of Information Act, NE Statue Sec 20-144 to 147, grants reporters the right to gather, edit or write news within a free and unfettered atmosphere. The law protects journalists from government interference, including protection from forcing reporters to disclose sources.

phone-tapping-omaha-copywriterThe seizure of the AP’s phone records is troubling. The intrusion certainly will chill journalists relationship with the Obama Administration and creates an environment of distrust and intimidation. Further, sources who seek reporter confidentiality will think twice before offering information – fearing that the Federal government may compromise “private correspondence”. If I were working a highly contentious government-related news story, I’d be fearful enough to buy a throw away phone, so I can privately talk with my source. How highly undemocratic! What do we live in North Korea?

In an apparent act of damage control, The Washington Post reports today that at the request of the White House, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)  intends to re-introduce a national Shield Law. “The Free Flow of Information Act would protect journalists from being compelled to testify about their confidential sources, unless all other avenues are exhausted and exposure is in the public interest” reports WP.

If a national Shield law is passed, there remains a concern of law language ambiguity that would still permit the feds to obtain reporter phone records using the public interest as an excuse in any circumstance. So-called feel good legislation. For U.S. reporters and the public alike, it would be in everyone’s best interest for lawmakers to consult directly with national media/print organizations while drafting new legislation.

In the meantime, the Justice Department deserves condemnation for tapping Associated Press reporters phone records. If they needed info, they should simply ask. It is up to the 4th Estate’s reporters to decide what information, if any, to release to Big Brother. Certainly, most respected US media outlets already possess the dogma to contact the Justice Department if it would prevent wars, attacks and other calamities. But revelations that the Justice Department decided on ITS OWN to secretly spy on reporters scrambling to identify an AP Government leaker, creates an environment of reporter fear and intimidation, which goes against our Democracy’s basic principles of Freedom of the Press.

Similarly to what Obama said today about the IRS, we should not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially the Justice Department, given the power that it has, and the reach that it has in all of our lives.

Historically,American Journalists are the eyes and ears of government –  watchdogs of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches on behalf of you – citizens. For reporters to continue working in an environment with free, unfettered access, journalists must be protected with a national Shield Law with some teeth. Drafted tomorrow.

Editor’s Note: Susan Stern, of Stern PR Marketing, is owner of a two-person, full-service Omaha Marketing Firm located in Nebraska’s largest city. Based on over a decade+ in TV, Radio and Print Journalism, Ms. Stern is no stranger to offering opinions on a a variety of topics including Freedom of the Press. Inquiries? Visit Official Website. Here Now.

Snell Heating & Air Website Overhaul | Omaha Website Design


Snell Heating & Air Conditioning Design By Stern PR Marketing Omaha

Omaha Website Design for Snell Heating & AC

(Omaha, NE)  —  The big reveal is here! Stern PR Marketing™ just completed a major Omaha Website Design overhaul for long-time client Snell Heating & AC. Today the website shines even brighter. As you navigate through it, you will notice a better overall look & functionality – which makes it one of the area’s best Omaha HVAC websites designed by Stern PR Marketing™. “We also completed a series of mini-videos, a new catchy Commercial, rewrote the content, updated a new coupon, created an online sign up option and much more,” notes Susan Stern, an Omaha Website Design firm and Marketing Consultant.

Easy Navigation…User-Friendly Omaha Web Design

Stern PR Marketing’s Omaha Website Developer Austin Scott was able to manipulate the template code to include these great elements to Snell Heating & AC’s website appearance.  We added a homepage contact form, placed a phone number underneath the logo – all ways that make it easy for the customer to reach the Omaha HVAC company – immediately.

Susan Stern has been a long-time provider of design services and Omaha Marketing Firm Consulting for Snell Heating & AC, starting with the logo in 2004. When the Omaha HVAC Company needed a new website, they come to Susan. “To keep costs low, I scoured professional website templates worldwide and found the perfect fit!,” notes Susan.

Beyond Design…Full Service Omaha Marketing Firm

“I personally wrote all the website content writing, shot the photography, custom-designed most of the graphics including the sidebar banners, the coupons, and produced the Omaha videography. Plus, I manage Snell’s blog. Recently, we created a CMS – a website content management system, and also launched a Monthly SEO plan for Snell Heating & AC. Together Omaha website developer Austin Scott and I have transformed this template-based site into an outstanding one for Snell Heating & AC and its customers!”

Contact Susan Stern direct for a free written estimate. 402-212-7489


Press Release Services Omaha Neb. | Stern PR

press release services omaha nebraska stern pr

(Omaha, NE)  —  A professionally written press release is a vital Public Relations tool aimed at obtaining news coverage, i.e. free advertising. It makes sense that the only copywriter your organization should hire should be a former reporter who actually vetted press releases and made the final decision whether to air as a news story. Here in Omaha, Susan Stern, of – is the go-to person for Omaha Press Release Copywriting & distribution locally, regionally and nationally.

Omaha Copywriter Susan Stern Better

“What sets apart my copywriting from the rest, is that I am more than a mere writer. I am an Omaha marketing consultant who sees the big picture. With 20 years experience combined in journalism, PR and advertising, I write well – for aesthetics and search engine optimization. Tight words. Descriptive adjectives. No extraneous terms. That means my clients receive an outstanding one page news release with a catchy headline which appeals to news organizations nationwide,” emphasizes Omaha copywriter Susan Stern.

Click to Image to View Larger Version – SolarFrameWorks News Release by Susan Stern

News Release Advantage

A news release is a great tool to tout an innovative product, philanthropy, announce company restructuring, conduct a nationwide consumer awareness campaign and much more.

Contact Omaha Neb copywriter Susan Stern today direct at (402) 212-7489.