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Stern PR Awarded

January 5, 2018 —  Stern PR Marketing is proud to be named one of the best Omaha SEO companies by UpCity. 

The designation as a Top Omaha, Neb SEO Agency earns Stern PR a spot on UpCity’s marketplace, an online business directory “resource designed to connect small and mediums sized companies” with a trusted “provider of high-quality digital marketing service providers” in Omaha, Nebraska.

In order to qualify for the award, Stern PR had to meet certain criteria according to UpCity, a national software company based in Chicago:

We’ve selected these firms based on how well these companies represent themselves online; from the user experience of the company’s website to their social media presence and prominence in organic search results. We hope you enjoy our list and reach out to one or more of these design agencies for your small business website.


Susan Stern, Owner Stern PR Omaha

“It’s always nice to receive recognition for hard work and great results. We owe it all to awesome clients,” remarks Stern PR Marketing owner Susan Stern, an Omaha SEO company provider.

Besides offering a plethora of traditional and digital marketing services to organizations, Stern PR Marketing provides paid and organic search engine optimization services catering to the Omaha, Bellevue, metro areas. Yes. It’s done in-house.

Organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) refers to algorithm-focused techniques used to achieve good website, listing and social media site placement for target industry terms people search without paying the search engines a penny. Organic means natural. Paid refers to pay-per-click and sponsored advertising. 

What sets Stern PR apart from competitors engaging in Omaha NE search engine marketing is our ability to write high-quality content on websites and social media with an authoritative voice and trustworthiness. Research plays a key role. We tackle any subject matter or industry. We manage brands online and off.

“I’m able to explain complex subjects in easy-to-understand ways probably due to my work in radio and TV journalism as an on-air reporter, anchor and producer. Another reason why I am successful at achieving organic search results for clients, is my expertise in PR. I’ve penned countless news releases, annual reports, speeches, commercial scripts and more. Writing is my forte,” adds Susan.

The copy Stern PR produces may be straight journalism, or a mix of public relations, marketing and advertising, few can do:

My view is that any search engine marketing company can learn how to run Google Adwords and sponsored advertising on social sites like YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Few SEO firms, however, can actually write copy that search engines reward naturally, using Google’s best practices and guidelines,” said Stern.


Stern PR is the one to call for complete marketing services, on and offline.

For more info about Omaha SEO services & more, click here. 


Omaha Public Relations Firm Video Storytelling

(Omaha, Nebraska)  —  Video public relations storytelling is all the rage in 2016! Nowadays people prefer watching a video than reading copy. Every marketer/public relations practitioner should incorporate the power of video to reach a target market.

Here are some quick and interesting Video Marketing Stats:

  • Forbes Insight reports that 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text
  • Forrester Research found that it’s 50 times easier to achieve a 1st page Google ranking with video
  • Online video accounts for 1/2 of all mobile traffic reports Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco) Tweet This Stat!
  • YouTube reports that its social media video sharing site overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.

So, video production storytelling is indeed the way to get a message out to clients, customers and the general public.

Here are several examples of video PR done by Omaha consultant Susan Stern.

For Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols>>

For Douglas County West Community Schools>>

To see how Omaha video production PR story telling can help your business or organization, contact consultant Susan Stern direct.

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Stand Out Omaha Neb Public Relations Firm

Streamlining a company or organizations image and improving communications with stakeholders are Stern PR Marketing fortes. Client Douglas County West Community School district is one example of the effectiveness of Omaha Marketing/Public Relations Consultant Susan Stern’s work.

Omaha Neb Public Relations Firm - Newsletter SampleOmaha Neb Public Relations Writing Services – Stern PR

To the left is an example of a Stern PR-produced hard copy newsletter that was also converted into an email marketing letter. Consultant Susan Stern does all the work herself: the copy, graphics and photography.

In this day and age, internet video marketing is an effective way to reach a target market. Omaha Marketing Consultant Susan Stern knows how to tell a compelling story, harkening back to her days as an on-air TV and radio journalist.  June 17th Special Meeting - Notice -

Stern is an ace behind the camera, in video production, as a script-writer and voice-over professional. Stern created a newscast-style video introduction on the youtube channel she created. It’s Omaha video production utilizing a mix of good ‘ole fashioned journalism and PR. Feedback has been extremely positive from students, parents and the community! 

omaha pr firm stern pr web development sampleOmaha website development company services for the school district is what Consultant Susan Stern does with exceptionalism. Turning blah to wow.

Omaha Neb public relations firm writer

This particular website was produced from a template provided by a third party that caters to school districts. Consultant Susan Stern revitalized the website with a professional look using a mix of graphics, copy, video and custom photography.

Omaha Public Relations Consultant Susan Stern is a website content writer, too penning rich articles with catchy headlines and content writing done broadcast-style.

Omaha Neb Press Release strategy, writing and media relations – what Consultant Susan Stern does well tapping into over a decade as an on-air broadcast journalist in radio in television news. Stern knows how to write an interesting news release that generates coverage on TV, Radio and newspaper. A proven track record of generating news.omaha neb press release services public relations firm

The Omaha World Herald ran a story after receiving this news release. Consultant Susan Stern’s news release writing has helped clients achieve coverage in national and international publications including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and several dozen others.

omaha neb social media marketing companyConsultant Susan Stern also produces outstanding Omaha Social Media Marketing services from custom cover design to monthly platform maintenance. Besides creating catchy copy, Stern shoots her own photography, videography and creates custom graphic design.

Omaha PR Consultant Susan Stern demonstrates how an organizations annual report doesn’t have to be boring.
stern pr omaha marketing firm - logoContact Omaha Marketing/PR Consultant Susan Stern direct at 402-212-7489.

Learn how with her help, your organization or business can communicate better with stakeholders. A 21st century touch on & offline branding.

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Other Omaha Video Productions for DC West Community Schools. Stern PR knows how to tell a story via video, voice-over and great copy!

REAL STORIES: Business Tip | How NOT to Ask for a GOOGLE Review

image-clock-how-not-to-ask-for-online-reviewStern PR Tip: Right Way to Ask for Review

By Susan Stern —  Online Reviews, the good and bad, can make or break a business. So, positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Manta and Merchant Circle can be key to business success.

Asking for an Online Review

That said, before a business asks a client to consider penning a review, companies must clearly understand what they can, and can not do.

I draw from two real life stories that recently happened. In a nut shell. I noticed two Omaha retailers violated social media sites’ terms and conditions, and one business did worse. So herein, I shall discuss how not to ask customers to write online reviews.

Offering Discounts for Review – Major NO NO

Recently, I purchased a service at one Omaha retailer (I was very satisfied). While standing in line, I spotted electronic signage that stated:

Write a Google review, get $10 OFF your purchase and $5 OFF for a Facebook like.

Hmn… The business, albeit innocently, is in violation of Google’s terms and conditions.

Google’s business review policy hints at using “incentives”:

Don’t offer money or product to others to write reviews for your business or write negative reviews about a competitor. We also discourage specialized review stations or kiosks set up at your place of business for the sole purpose of soliciting reviews. As a reviewer, you should not accept money or product from a business to write a review about them.

So, here’s what I did to help the business. With professionalism and a smile, while handing over money for services rendered, I gave the friendly sales manager a candid heads up: “Thanks so much for great service. Just an FYI. You might want to consider taking down that signage offering a discount for reviews and likes.” I explained why.

Later, the owner called, thanked me for the advice, and the retailer removed the signage. A great end to story #1.

Don’t Pressure Customers
DO NOT Make Sale Contingent Upon A Positive Review

My 2nd example shocks and awes. One metro-area commission-based retailer recently crossed the line before a transaction closed – making me feel very uncomfortable. Here’s what went down:image-ethics-business-tip-how-not-to-ask-for-online-review

The business owner, with quivering lip and red face, had the nerve to state something like, “I will NOT sell the product to you unless you promise that you are satisfied, that you’ll only write a positive review.” To reiterate, the pressuring business owner demanded assurance that I would only write a positive review OR no sale.

What?! Oh my goodness. The demand was nauseating.

I responded with professionalism and candor:

“Number 1, as an Omaha Marketing consultant, who represents business, I don’t recommend you say that to customers. I’m well-versed on online review ethics. It is improper to base a sale on if I pledge to only write a positive review.”

“Number 2, due to the nature of my business, I tend to steer clear from writing negative reviews: I understand that a bad online review can damage a company’s reputation. I empathize and rather not be involved. So no worries there.”

“Number 3, I haven’t owned the item to know if I works right.”
(Note: What I didn’t say, but I had thought: the salesman left a really poor impression. Sometimes things are better left unsaid. 🙂

I also told the retailer:

“Number 4: If I choose to write a Google review, I can, like anyone. It’s called free speech. It’s my 1st amendment right.”

With my stress level exceedingly high from the conversation’s nature, the business owner left the room, discussed the matter with a level-headed staffer, before the pair returned with a new attitude.

I closed the sale because I really, really wanted the product. I shook hands with the business owner, thanked him and left. No, I was NOT happy with the owner’s “customer service in total,” but the product that I bought is spectacular.

Hopefully, this local retailer learns a lesson from our exchange.  I assume some customers might not be so nice.

This Author Shares Story to Educate Business Owners

Will I write a negative review of either business? No, like I said before…

Instead, this Omaha marketing consultant seeks to share these real stories to educate business owners – how NOT to ask for a Google review. Many do not know the rules of the road. Customers should be aware, too.

Right Way for Business to Ask for Reviews

stern pr omaha website design companyWhile obvious, no business should demand to know if you’re satisfied and that you would only write a positive review or no sale.

It is also a no, no to buy Facebook likes or offer product discounts for reviews. Doing so violates social media terms and conditions, and is just bad business.

Instead, do this. After a transaction is complete, if you sense a happy client, thank them, shake hands and politely say: “if you’re pleased with the product/service, please consider writing an online review. We appreciate feedback. Thanks for your business.”

That’s it. That’s all you should do – to ethically seek an online business review!

Comment below. Share Your Stories.


To inquire about Omaha Marketing consultant services, contact Stern PR Marketing™ today at 402-212-7489. We help business grow. Please visit official website now>>

Susan Stern Public Relations :: USA Campaign Consultant Achieves!

snap shot of stern public relations firm omaha nebraskaOmaha Public Relations Firm
Handles It All

(Omaha, NE)  —  If you have a consumer or industry-specific campaign your group, organization or movement wants to launch, count on Omaha Public Relations Practitioner Susan Stern to take your idea and transform into a newsworthy, full fledged USA campaign – which garners support and attention nationally, regionally or locally – netting quantifiable results!

Stern PR™ Touch
With the Susan Stern copywriting touch, your issue shall garner news media coverage online & off. Yes, the solution to Omaha-based campaign development/implementation IS indeed Susan Stern.

“I love the work I do. I am a passionate person through and through. I care and work very hard to do an outstanding job with the mark of total professionalism,” remarks Susan Stern.

Located in Nebraska, Omaha PR/Marketer Consultant Susan Stern basically operates as a one-woman band for clients, per se.

Intense Copywriting & Research
Former Journalist Susan Stern was called upon by two USA cattle ranchers to develop a National campaign to raise consumer awareness of controversial cattle feed additives called beta agonists that are under industry scrutiny. The process began with Susan Stern conducting ****extensive hours of industry research, followed by copywriting, back-and-forth client proofing and logo development. Susan Stern developed the campaign name: Beef Additive Alert™ and purchased the domain, too. Susan also handled the videography and graphic design, plus:

A Noteworthy Thank you for Beef Additive Alert™ News Coverage
We commend the “Lincoln Journal Star” & Agricultural Reporter Art Hovey who has done a thorough job of covering these controversial beta agonist issues which are important to the USA Beef Industry, Consumers and Youth show ring programs. Hovey quoted Stern PR client Gerald Timmerman, a prominent Springfield, Nebraska cattle rancher. The reporter called Susan Stern based on the news release (s) Stern PR developed & distributed locally, regionally & nationally.   Read PR Web News Release

Other news coverage, thus far:
Beef Magazine
Sioux City Journal
Lincoln Journal Star
Wall Street Journal
KPTM Fox 42
Livestock Market Digest
Nutrition News

Notes of Appreciation

Stern PR™ wishes to publicly commend Canyon Texas High School Ag Science & FFA instructor Jeff Klose for presenting a project to his classroom on the controversial beta agonist cattle feed issue. Klose asked us to answer a series of questions, to which we did. We wish more teachers would recognize the importance this matter is to consumers, youth show ring competitors and the cattle industry. Cheers!

As you can see, Susan Stern, Stern PR™ nets results for her clients! A one woman band, per se, Omaha PR Practitioner Susan Stern offers everything under one roof. All in all, expect personalized service from someone who really cares about her clients. “I have a vested interest in client satisfaction. I understand that If you succeed, I succeed,” notes Susan.

Contact Susan Stern direct (402) 212-7489. Visit Official Website


Article Originally published on Aug. 22, 2013
Updated on January 23, 2014

Stern PR Client Successes | Beef Additive Alert Campaign

Stern PR Client Successes | Beef Additive Alert Campaign.

Stern PR Client Successes | Beef Additive Alert Campaign

stern pr omaha website design companyStern PR™ Client Campaign Successes

(Omaha, NE)  — Stern PR Marketing™ has positive news to report about Client USA Beef Additive Alert™ in which Susan Stern is campaign development director. Notes Stern, “Cheers. Hear, hear! We got to hand it to USA Cattle Ranchers Harvey Dietrich and Gerald Timmerman who have helped put this controversial beta agonist cattle feed issue to the industry forefront & consumer mindset. Their efforts appear to be working.”

√ Many Beef Additive Alert™ Client Objectives Accomplished

As outlined on the Beef Additive Alert™ Facebook Campaign Page: (1) Cargill and (2) Tyson suspends buying cattle fed Zilpaterol; (3) Merck suspends sales of FDA-approved additive; (4) Research underway for potentially Zilpaterol-related Animal welfare issues; (5) Campaign revealed that Youth are a target market of a beta agonist cattle feed FDA-approved muscle-bulking drug, which an undetermined # of young show ring exhibitors have used to seek a competitive advantage; (6) The Chicago Mercantile Exchange on October 7, 2013 shall end delivery of cattle-fed Zilmax; and (7) Consumers are increasingly becoming more informed! Yes, Beef Additive Alert™ is doing the right thing for America. Together, we can all effectuate industry change to preserve USA Beef quality, consistency and integrity! Share your voice.”

Stern PR™ Reaction

“In a little over 1 (one) month, the Beef Additive Alert™ Campaign has contributed to making a positive impact: educating consumers and helping embrace industry change. We wholeheartedly believe that our clients have done the right thing by bringing the beta agonist cattle feed issue to the forefront, to America’s mindset,” said Susan Stern.

“We are proud to be the messenger of our client’s valiant mission. It takes courage and determination. So, cheers and hats off to USA Cattle Ranchers, self-described ol’ cowboys Gerald Timmerman & Harvey Dietrich,” added Stern.

What Stern PR™ Produces

Stern developed the campaign, as a one woman ban per se, including research & copywriting, website & graphic design, campaign logo, Video PSA, voice-over, social media administration, on camera spokeswoman, news release production, campaign name and so on. “You don’t need a 3-10 person National PR Firm to get the job done right. You just need us – our two person Omaha Nebraska Public Relations & Marketing company,” emphasizes Stern.

Inquiries? To contact Susan Stern about National, Regional & Local Omaha PR and Marketing services, visit official website here.

omaha website design firm nebraska stern pr snapshotNext Step: Learn about Omaha Public Relations Firm Stern PR™

Omaha Business Writer | Stern PR

omaha copywriting serviceOmaha Business Writer

Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations & Journalism. There’s no other place in town to look for an Omaha business writer. Stern PR Marketing IS your one stop shop for Omaha copywriting services.

Omaha Copywriter

“My clients appreciate my expertise. I bring forth 20+ years experience as a professional Omaha copywriter in the news business and corporate communications combined.  I bring forth & scribe the right words, verbs and adjectives – resulting in aesthetically-appealing copy,” notes Omaha Copywriter Susan Stern.

Omaha Website Content Writer

Stern PR Marketing is an established Omaha website content writer. Susan Stern will tell your company story with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. Exceptional website writing by Stern PR. From slogan creation, biographies, corporate image and so on. Just name the task.

Omaha Press Release Writing Company

Susan Stern also specializes in news release writing and distribution. Whatever your goal, Susan Stern will develop an idea and transform it into a newsworthy press release – locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Omaha Campaign Development

If you want to launch a national consumer action campaign, look no further than Stern PR Marketing. Public Relations Practitioner Susan Stern will handle all aspects of the project from research, copywriting and, logo design. Expect exceptional Omaha website & graphic design, .

Rely on Stern PR for social media, new release production and distribution, media interview coaching, spokesperson tasks, interview scheduling and consulting.

Inquiries? Contact Susan Stern direct in Omaha.
image phone omaha business writer402-212-7489

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PR Oops – Ship Wreck

By Susan L. Stern
(Opinion) — Carnival Corporation’s “make-good” offer to ship-wrecked passengers must be made under heavy influence of alcohol. The parent company of the Costa Concordia, which capsized off the Tuscany coast – is offering survivors of the January 13th ship wreck – a 30% discount on future cruises. What?

That “offer” is a kick in the pants to victims of the ship wreck. Insulting. Come on Carnival Corporation! Where is your brain?  Did your P.R. firm come up with this one? Or, did executives at the top – do it themselves. Fire ’em. Talk about exasperating the crisis response.

Sure, survivors will reportedly receive 100% discounts on that cruise debacle, but that offer is a no brainer, too. It’s a given.

Carnival should have offered survivors a lump sum payment for pain and suffering, as a peace-offering, an apology. Instead, lawyers are pursuing a class action lawsuit for monetary compensation.

Bad, bad, bad Public Relations. The response is a major slap in the face to survivors, and makes Carnival Corporation appear as cold, profit mongers, who are only thinking about their company’s financial bottom line rather than the human tragedy’s impact on lives. Certainly Carnival should have done more, something monetarily worthwhile. Their 30% discount P.R. response here will certainly further damage the company’s reputation i.e. its near future profits. Not a smart move Carnival. You get what you give, as someone once said.

Stern PR Video!

(Omaha, NE)  —  Attention, attention. Omaha marketer Susan Stern unveils an – updated video of services. Notes Susan, “I’ve finally set aside some time to update my portfolio. You’ll see the myriad of projects that I’ve completed during this banner year. It’s very exciting the growth my business has experienced. Also, it is worth noting, that this business blog surpassed the 10,000 visitor mark, now approaching 11,000 this fall, too.”


Plus, in the past week, Stern PR™ unveiled a new website, too. (in beta testing)

Follow Stern PR™ on Twitter, Linked In, Google Maps,
View Stern PR’s™ Youtube Channel

“I’ve also upgraded my equipment. I’ve purchased a professional grade video camera that is film quality 1920 by 1280 resolution, another still camera lens and a new laptop allowing high capacity video editing. Next up? Another lighting kit, wireless mikes & the like” remarks Susan Stern.

All in all, step by step, Susan Stern is taking Stern PR™ business to a higher level. Based on the constant stream of calls & requests for complete business marketing, the quality of work Susan Stern produces is getting attention far & wide.

  Stern PR™. Serious Strategy. Really!

Susan Stern-Omaha

  •  Stern PR™ – Web Design – Affordable & SEO-Effective
  •  Web Video Commercials – Boost Google Page Rank
  •  Photography – Magazine Quality 
  •  Copywriting – Keyword Rich
  •  Graphic Design – Custom

STERN PR™ handles total name-branding, building & maintenance for primarily Omaha NE businesses – on & offline. Susan Stern caters to medium and small companies that search for effective, yet affordable marketing.

Susan Stern brings to the table – a broad range of experience – in advertising, marketing, public relations & broadcast journalism.  By crafting tasks single-handedly, she passes on the savings to her clients.  “Without breaking the budget, I cater to businesses in need of a polished image that net results. Let’s face it. Big or small, companies need a marketing professional to streamline, maintain & control – their image,” emphasizes Susan Stern. So, run your business. Outsource advertising, marketing, public relations & journalism to Stern PR™


Professional Services Galore…


  • Website Design, Copywriting & Photography  View    View    View    View   View   View
  • Internet Video Marketing  View
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  • Newsletters Front   Back
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  • Event Memory Slide Shows   View
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  • Sales Pitch Letters
  • Contract Writing – Legal
  • Custom Designed Promotional Merchandise
  • Event Planning incl. Business Fairs
  • Resume Writing, Cover Letters & Distribution 
  • Crisis Management
  • Competition Tracking & Analysis 
  • Speech Writing
  • Radio/TV Advertising Scriptwriting & Talent
  • Media & Print Buying 

              Online Video Marketing Commercial Samples Below…



Biography — On a personal note, Susan Stern enjoys a lot of activities: photography, guitar lessons, abstract art, fine-tuning her graphic design talents & inline skating. Topping the list of her favorite’s – keeping her young daughter healthy, happy & active! Says Susan, “Motherhood is my greatest joy in life!” Her career is also important.

Along with ten years in P.R. & Marketing, Susan offers a decade expertise in broadcast journalism & advertising production, primarily radio & TV including CBN Radio, Standard News Radio Network – Washington, D.C., Omaha’s KKAR-AM, KOIL-AM, ESPN-Radio 1620 AM, WOW-AM/FM, KVNO & WOWT, KTCB of Council Bluffs to name a few, both news & commercial aspects. Her work – has appeared on Nebraska Public Radio & CNN, too. She’s done countless radio and TV ads.

Susan even scored a small movie role as Cindy Lindstrom, a TV reporter in the Miramax/Disney film “Citizen Ruth”.

In 2006, Susan Stern  of Stern PR™ unveiled this professional business blog to write frequent industry news & showcase her work.  The site boomed in 2009, around the same time Susan launched a revised, clean logo after teaching herself graphic design. Thanks to Susan’s acquired SEO skills & the work she generates for a variety of clients with discriminating needs, now this business blog surpasses the 10,000 visitor mark. “I am very optimistic about 2010!”

Susan Stern holds varied memberships:

  • National Association of Professional Women
  • Ezine Articles – Designation as “Expert Author.”  – New as of October 2009!
  • Screen Actors Guild
  • Omaha Press Club
  • Ironwood CC

Contact Susan Stern Now!

Stern PR™. All Rights Reserved. Omaha, NE. 2010.  sternpr@gmail.com Contact (402) 212-7489

Complete Marketing

(Omaha, NE)  — From Omaha to Denver to Carroll, Iowa. Stern PR™ is the go-to-person for affordable advertising, marketing, public relations & journalism – on and offline. Computer Concepts of Iowa™ hired Susan Stern to handle all of its marketing tasks:

Stern PR’s™ effective marketing for Computer Concepts of Iowa has led to additional marketing projects in Carroll including the marketing of an April 2011 Carroll Chamber of Commerce-sponsored ‘Technology in Business Symposium’: development & implementation of the campaign’s image via effective graphic design & copywriting, video commercial production/voice-over, online event registration, social media development, landing page & email marketing. From research, development to publishing. Stern PR™.

Plus, Computer Concepts of Iowa™ is partnering with Monarch Technologies™ of Denison, which has led to additional marketing work for Stern PR™

Notes Susan Stern “CCI President/Owner Adam Schweers is clearly a smart businessman. Instead of hiring a full-time marketing professional, a person who would most likely be specialized in one area only & who would outsource the rest, he hired me. I know the in’s out of not only marketing, but advertising, public relations & journalism, on & offline. I handle nearly every task imaginable, Think of me as a one woman band, per se. I handle it all – unlike a high dollar ad firm – with many faces, high overhead & fees. Stern PR™ marketing translates into affordability.”

Note: None of these tasks are outsourced. As you can see from all of the above images, the work Susan Stern creates on behalf of her clients equates to quality marketing.

Stern PR | Omaha Corporate Video Production & SEO

(Omaha, NE)  —  Do you run a business? Then, you gotta have a Corporate video.

Video, if done the Stern PR™ way, exudes professionalism & helps catapult your company to the next level! Plus, it’s yet another piece of the name-branding, building & maintenance – pie.

Video production by Stern PRwill help your organization professionally market your product.Play your video to prospective customers. Mail it to them. Run it on a big screen at a trade show or play during a round-table meeting. Notes Susan, “Video makes a lot of sense. For one, most people have short attention spans & they’d rather watch a TV commercial than read text. Plus, Video has become one of the most effective SEO approaches to date.” Great news!
Stern PR™ creates signature-style videos & optimizes them for search engine rank.

Stern PR offers a proprietary search engine video marketing technique that will put your company on the first pages of Google. So, when a web surfer enters your industry’s keywords in search engines, your video will rank high. Video SEO works!

Stern PR™  Serious Strategy. Really! Call Susan Stern Now! 402-212-7489

http://www.solarframeworks.com Golden, Colorado-based SolarFrameWorks “Solor Sisters” reflect on their partnership with Johns Manville.JM, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, penned an agreement with SolarFrameWorks in 2010 to supply & market the SolarFrameWork BIPV CoolPly™ solar panel product across the United States. Produced by Susan Stern. Stern PR™ Omaha, NE sternpr@gmail.com

Publicist On a Pinch!

(Omaha, NE ) — Need a publicist on a pinch? Contact Omaha Marketer Stern PR™.

Based on the effective website SEO that Stern PR™ does & the website portfolio that showcases Susan Stern’s work, Denver-based SolarFrameWorks contacted Susan Stern during the Omaha Berkshire Hathaway™ meeting! CEO Patrina Eiffert sought public relations representation – like immediately. About an hour-and-a-half after the Saturday late-morning call, Susan, armed with a professional video camera, a positive attitude and a keen eye for detail & focus – descended on the Omaha Qwest Convention Center – ready to go!

“I thrive on adrenaline-fueled deadlines. As a former TV/Radio reporter, I’m use to last minute everything. That’s the nature of the news business. So, if a call comes in with seconds notice, like it did here, it’s no problem. For SolarFrameWorks, I quickly multi-tasked by arranging a babysitter, grabbed my gear & got moving,” emphasizes Susan Stern, who wears many hats as a publicist, marketer, advertiser, web & graphic designer, videographer/photographer & copywriter – all in one.

Stern PR™ went into this project blinded per se, i.e., extemporaneously, with zero time for background research. Of course, lack of info was not an impediment. As a former Omaha TV/Radio Journalist, Susan Stern had faced countless on-the-spot newsworthy events.  In the case of SolarFrameWorks, spontaneity proved challenging, yet doable.  

Stern PR™ made it happen – off the cuff & with immediacy. “When I approached the Johns Manville™ (JM) booth, where my new client, SolarFrameWorks was stationed, I got down to business – right away. I briefly chatted with the owners/inventors, who, by the way, are two incredibly educated & business savvy siblings known in the industry as the “Solar Sisters.”  I asked them questions to determine my angle. Turns out that the pair invented a revolutionary weather-resistant, solar panel membrane system called Coolply™ that attaches to the roof without damaging the roof itself. Wow. What a great product. What a great company to represent!”, remarks Susan Stern.  

For SolarFrameWorks, Susan Stern produced a nationally released news release that was published on businesswire.com and a corporate video.

Quality work. Quick turn-around. A Stern PR forte. Notes Susan Stern. “This is an extremely exciting opportunity for my one-person company to grow beyond the big O.”

Editor’s Note. Omaha-based Publicist Susan Stern may be reached at 402-212-7489.

Stern PR™ Style

(Omaha, NE) —  Stern PR’s™ public relations background is quite extensive, thanks to being on the receiving end, i.e. vetting news releases for newsworthiness – as a TV/Radio reporter/producer for more than a decade. Says Susan Stern, “I know what’s newsworthy and what stories contain all the right elements. On a typical day, our newsroom would receive 20 so-called PR Flak faxes. Those that were well-written & contained newsworthy elements, made my newscast.” 

Susan Stern also “gets” both sides of the fence. As a Public Relations Practitioner, Susan Stern helped catapult an Omaha-based business to the national spotlight by crafting timely news releases – on a public health issue. Time and time again, she obtained free coverage in targeted markets nationwide, and at media outlets in Omaha, NE: OWH, KETV, KMTV, WOWT, KPTM, KKAR & KFAB.

Stern PR™ is called upon to represent organizations that seek free media/print news coverage for – events galore.  Companies call on Susan Stern to craft news releases via fee-based distribution channels, too. As usual – Susan Stern’s wordsmith abilities net results. “I am a journalist at heart. I view the world through the eyes of a reporter. So, I am able to effectively spot a news story in every corner. I transfer this perspective to the business world and the products/services a business wants publicity for,” notes Susan Stern.

Sample May 2010 National Release

As a publicist, Susan Stern fine-tunes the client’s image via the marketing materials she produces. She works with the client to craft the most accurate news releases before each is published. Expect an eye-catching headline that inspires interest. As an Omaha-based corporate communications practitioner, Susan Stern acts on behalf of the local, regional and national organizations she represents, working in her client’s best interests with other corporations, news distribution services and the like. It’s a fact. “Every company needs a public relations specialist to protect, refine & control their image. I will do so with the utmost professionalism, while working alongside a client’s partners,” emphasizes Susan Stern.

Susan Stern wears other hats, too. As a publicist on behalf of her client, this one-woman image firm, schedules news interviews; purchases media ad time; writes, directs & voices broadcast commercials; photographs events;, produces corporate videos, among other tasks.  Name-branding, building & maintenance.  Stern PR™. Serious Strategy. Really!


Of course, to be publicity-worthy, a business or event must offer one of the following to – make the news!:

  • unusual product, service or event
  • innovative product, service or event
  • announcement of a partnership or agreement
  • release of a survey, poll or study
  • service impacting public health & welfare
  • business working with the government
  • companies that are committed to  “green” environment solutions
  • contains all elements of an interesting people story
  • localize a national news issue or holiday 
  • goodwill ventures including launching a fundraising drive

Name-branding, building and maintenance takes more than marketing & advertising. Public relations, an under-utilized mode-of-operation, should be an essential part of any business plan. Earn industry respectability & credibility. Public relations is an effective tool for an organization to create and maintain a positive image.

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“Stern PR” Redefining Omaha Website Design

Susan Stern creates professional business websites – complete with a signature, clean style. Expect more than website design, copywriting, photography & website video commercials. A key feature of Stern PR’s™ work is that during the design process, Susan Stern streamlines a company’s entire image. If there’s no company slogan, Susan Stern creates one. If a logo needs fine-tuning, Susan Stern handles it. After conducting extensive background research, Stern PR™ finds the right industry words to effectively target the customer base with the objective of propelling profits. “What ultimately happens is that a company will end up having me handle all their marketing materials, since I have a comprehensive understanding of their products or services, & how to effectively market them. For image consistency, that’s the right move,” says Susan Stern.

As for web design specifically, Susan Stern completes the entire process including working with the client to pick an SEO-friendly domain moniker, set up web hosting & email accounts, while maintaining content additions for years to come. “I’ve been in the communications business for close to two decades, so I am here to serve my clientele for now and in the future,” emphasizes Susan Stern.

All in all, Stern PR™  helps companies catapult their business – to the next level. “I offer a total package of marketing services. I am a one-person band, per se. So, you don’t have to hire a web designer, copywriter, photographer & marketer to handle your website design & image-building.”

Stern PR™ does it all. In one person. That translates into consistency & affordability. Stern PR™. Serious Strategy. Really!

Email Marketing Power

(Omaha, NE)  —  Professionally-crafted email marketing letters for business – is effective to achieve brand awareness & purchase action. “Companies searching for innovative ways to reach their target clientele or pursue leads – should get on the email marketing bandwagon now,” notes Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern.

The potential impression rate is high. After all, most people check their email several times a day – at least. So, as long as your copywriter crafts an attention-getting headline,  it’s nearly guaranteed that an existing customer & potential one will open the email.  Of course, to keep them interested – you’ll want to offer an incentive – a call for action.  If done right, customers would be able to print a coupon or receive a rebate, etc.

This is not to say that traditional print advertising should cease. Notes Susan Stern, “hard copy mailers remain necessary for the older generation who may not be internet-connected.” Instead, Stern PR™ recommends that Omaha businesses use a mix of both print and email marketing methods. Once you build your email list, you can reduce the number of hard copy mailers, thereby spending less on printing & postage costs.

Of course, not just any email marketing letter will do. Omaha businesses need to hire a professional copywriter, graphic artist and branding strategist to get the job done right. Template-based programs for do-it-yourself emails – look amateur. That is not the image you want to project! Run your company. Let Stern PR™ Omaha NE handle the rest. 

Note: Susan L. Stern of Omaha, NE is a one-person marketing practitioner in Omaha, Nebraska, specializing in marketing, advertising, public relations & journalism – on & offline.


UR Biz Needs A Logo!

By Susan L. Stern

Q. Does someone who runs a small business need a logo?

A. Branding is fundamental whether you run a large, medium or small organization, including a home-based business. You need to differentiate yourself from your competitor. For that reason, without question, you need to have a brand identity! Of course, a logo plays a vital role – in creating a unique brand identity for your business. Additionally, a business logo makes you recognizable to customers. The goal is…for instant recognition of your business, name-branding, building & maintenance.

Q. How soon should a new business start using a logo?

A. Technically, you should secure a professionally designed logo – before you start your business.  However, it can be done backasswords, although it’s not recommended. For those who’ve already launched their business with a half-baked logo, the time is now to hire a professional designer, or your make-shift logo and the image it represents may deter potential customers from doing business with you.

Take note. If you’re budget is tight, spare the money to invest in a logo early on, and then add branding items as you build. Word of advice. Don’t buy logo-creation software – to do-it-yourself.  Besides looking unremarkably chincy, you’ll end up with a logo in limited formats. So, you’ll see pixels when you try to stretch it to a banner size, for instance.

Q. What are some design considerations Stern PR keeps in mind while creating a logo?

A. Stern PR uses the KISS formula (Keep It Simple Stupid) as a first consideration –  in logo design. In addition, it should portray the right message of your business with iconic representation. Fonts and colors should be easily recognizable. Your logo should look great in black and white too.

Q. What format should my logo be in?

A. Vector based images, made up of a set of mathematical equations (format file extensions including EPS, AI, SWF (flash animation) should be the starting point of any logo design process. A vector image can be scaled, re-sized and rotated without loss of quality. So, your logo will not pixelate or appear fuzzy on an outdoor banner for example. Vector file formats are as follows: EPS, AI, JPG, PNG and GIF.

Q. What other formats should I get?

A. Beside EPS format of your logo, your designer should provide you with pixel (raster) based versions of your logo including JPG, PNG, GIF. Of all three, PNG and GIF are ideal for logos, offering solid, contiguous colours without ringing, boxing or blurring. Plus, both formats support saving your logo with a transparent background, which is required for your logo to appear on a colored website background – without a white box. JPG’s are primarily used for photographs.

Here are the recommended formats and versions – that your logo designer should supply you: 
    – A greyscale (halftone) logo version.
    – A Black and White Linear version – best for fax cover sheets, low resolution
    – An EPS Version
    – A GIF or PNG Version
    – Your Logo in PDF 

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Problematic Printers

Update: Over the past year 2009-2010, Stern PR™ has found several online printers with great prices, great products & excellent customer service. Namely, www.smartpress.com, www.123print.com, www.overnightprints.com among several others.

42-15928058(Omaha, NE)  — This marketing practitioner is – FED UP – with low-quality, promise-me-the-world online printers who guarantee delivery, but don’t deliver on time nor produce quality product. Those who tack on unneccessary “art” fees. Printers who don’t proof. Ug. Standard stuff. Some online printers – shall suffice. But for the bulky promotional stuff – I go local, local, local.

THE WORST:  Full Color America, Check Inn Company of America, LLC.,  Printing error on bizcards due to failure on their part to properly communicate regarding Proof 2. Reprinted 500 cards incorrectly in November 2008. A total of 1,000 incorrect cards. I placed a stern order re-do request in January 2009. The manager David York claimed he would reprint the product, but he never did.  Con job? Maybe. fullcoloramerica.com a.k.a., Check Inn Company of America – no good!

AVERAGE PRINTER:  – vistaprint.com – No proofing for any of their products via printing dept. I sent them a high-quality CMYK colored vector graphic bizcard, yet they produced different colors. The bizcards had a white trim cut – that was not cool, nor my fault. Magnets – cheap and off-color. The pen I ordered was a mess, with logo layer mushed into the phone number. UPDATE: However, I ordered labels with my logo on it, and they arrived on-time and the colors turned out perfectly. I may give this low-cost printer another try especially for a client with an extremely small budget. On the plus side, depending on how you view it, expect loads of email offers. 2009 UPDATE: vistaprint.com redeemed itself on several occasions, printing great quality postcard mailers & 3-fold brochures at low prices. If you ask customer service via telephone, you can negotiate discount rates, as I successfully did on several occasions. There is alot of wiggle room on prices.

GOOD BUT PRICEY: nationalpen.com This online printer redeemed itself after making a few mistakes with my order, but the company made good later. My first complaint is that they failed to pass on artwork to the Printing Dept. for several days after the order was placed. Their excuse – “we don’t guarantee a delivery date.”  Yet  their website claims delivery will occur within 7-10 days. Then, via email they stated 15 days. Inconsistency. I encountered poor “customer service.” I received unprofessional, snide/rude comments via email. I CANCELLED THE ORDER. Of course, I sent them a note…reminding them that they need to improve their public relations skills, & remove extraneous “art work charges for graphic design that I provided them,  and refrain from making promises – that they can’t keep.  Update – Despite cancelling the entire order – they sent/billed me 150 pens. That I did not authorize. However, I ended up needing them for a client’s business fair. Everything worked out. The pens turned out GREAT. I may reconsider doing more business w/National Pen due to its ease of uploading art work online, provided that I place the order weeks in advance of deadline. Jan. ’09 Update: They periodically send me free pens with my logo on it – without charge. Impressive. I may give them another chance, especially after talking to others who have had “a lot of luck” with nationalpen.com. Advice: order earlier than your deadline, to make certain delivery is per client specifications. April ’09 Update: nationalpen.com periodically sends me free merchandise with my company logo on it including a metal key chain & several pens. Wow! Nice customer relations. Yes, I may do business with nationalpen.com again. February 2010 Update: Customer service communicated well with me when I placed an extensive order. However, they attached several unnecessary “art set up fees” which made zero sense since I created my designs -ready for print. Secondly, prices seemed high and it took several days of communicating back-and-forth combined with firmness on my part – to get the order placed. Thirdly, they kept sending me an invoice for product that was paid-in-full. So, I wasted valuable time sorting it all out.

GREAT SO FAR: PSPrint.com. They actually called to alert me to a low-resolution logo. EXCELLENT Customer Service!  Standard stuff that most online printers – don’t bother to do, namely the sometimes mediocre printer – vistaprint.com.  Another positive review is 123print.com. Decent bizcard product –  a low price. Problem – their high-end bizcard w/ UV coating is thin and not premium, as claimed . Yet, they deliver product – on time.  However, there are no weekend deliveries. So an order on Wed. may not arrive ’til Monday.

GREAT   – International Minute Press @ 76th & Cass- a local printer in Omaha. A salesman friend of mine referred this company to me based on a contact made  at a tips group in Omaha.  Despite my tight deadline obstacle, IMP came through great. On two occasions, I ordered several hundred ice scrapers & pens. The owner, Tom, took his time to communicate with me, sending me prompt email quotes, as well as offering me imput on the quality of the product I ordered. I shall return to International Minute Press.

USE ONLY IN A PINCH. Fed Ex Kinkos. Horrible initially – No Printing Proofing. Yet Excellent Re-Do Efforts U must see the proofs yourself! Email or fax proofs generally DO NOT DO, from my experience. Namely, 140th and West Center Road, Omaha, NE Fed Ex (Kinkos – name dropped –  buyout transition.) On several occasions, I experienced no printer proofing – on their end including Misaligned copy.  But, on a POSITIVE NOTE, at the drop of a hat, they’ll reprint 4 free the documents that they goofed up. However, u must schlep over there & dictate fixes. Price tends to be higher than most local & online printers. UPDATE: If you’re pinched for time, FED EX is an ideal local printer. If you are printing for a school or other non-profit, even if you don’t have an account, you can negotiate an inexpensive price. UPDATE: FED EX has redeemed itself after continued use by me. I purchased an oversized photograph print, and while it was 2 times more expensive compared to an online printer that I use, the turn-around time was near immediate unlike the online printer which would take a week to ship.

Summary: Oh my goodness. The hassles. The headaches. The stress 4 me. Sooner or later – I will find the best  printer/printers 4 – my clients.Keeping them happy with high quality product- my top goals, as is saving clients money!

May 2010 Update: By far, www.smartpress.com out of Minnesota is one of my favorite printers. The firm offers a designer’s discount, and high quality oversized postcard mailers at a significantly reduced rate compared to other printers. I am completely impressed. In fact, the staff there even initiated a conference call with me to discuss a quote, to express their appreciation of my business, and to explain how their system runs. WOW! Very professional.

Editor’s Note: The Headline, “Problematic Printers – A P.R. Practitioner’s Predicament is an alliteration. Webster’s Defined:  the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables.

Shock PR 4 Octo Mom

Editor, Susan Stern, Update: April 2, 2009 PR Practitioner Victor Munoz conducts crisis management – for himself. Tonight he went on HLN (CNN’s formerly named – Headline News) to repair the poor public image he created after publicly blasting Octo mom Nadya Suleman last month. He spoke as if he cared about the client he once represented. When asked if Munoz hopes Nadya’s a good mom he replied yes, provided “she settles down, and stops doing all these blogs, and interviews.” P.R. Practitioners, like myself, refer to this as Crisis Management.  Ironically, Munoz, who’s hired to maintain, repair images, is forced to repair his own. You know what? It may have worked. Convincing. Although, he does seem like a sleazeball “PR Practitioner” – my 1st and last impression.

(Sun., March 8, 2009)  —  If Saturday’s USmagazine.com exclusive rings true. Shame, shame shame on you Mr. so-called Public Relation’s Practitioner, Victor Munoz. As the story goes. Munoz quit ’cause he couldn’t take Nadya Suleman anymore. Munoz is quoted as describing his former client as “nuts.”

Talk about unethical. Munoz crossed the line.

Excerpt – March 7th – USmagazine.com – EXCLUSIVE: Octo Mom’s New Publicist Quits: “This Woman Is Nuts”

Victor Munoz tells Usmagazine.com that he quit as Suleman’s rep Friday night. “It just got to be too much,” he says. “It’s pretty much a free-for- all over there right now. They are freaking out right now. “Not to sound arrogant, but those people depended on me for everything,” he continues. “You have no idea what I’ve had to do for these people.

“Nadya got real greedy. This woman is nuts,” he adds. “This I can say: what ultimately destroyed the business arrangement was personal reasons.” Munoz — who plans to meet with his lawyers Monday to go over the terms of his contract and confidentiality clause — did not go into further detail. –end–

No detail? Munoz spilled the beans – all over the place – and he went overboard, regarding his “feelings” toward Nadya, when in fact, he should be protecting her image, not bashing it further, even – after – he walked out the door.

Not the kind of PR Practitioner I would refer clients to…

Editor’s Note: My neighbor. Sheila E. quipped, “she must be nuts,” referring to the publicist’s comments about the Octo mom. That made me laugh. While perhaps true, so-called P.R. Practitioner Victor Munoz behaved unethically. Is it possible that maybe the “crazed” Octo mom suffers from Post Pardum Depression to the 8th degree?

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Nancy Disgrace?

(November 5, 2008)  —  Ever since CNN’s Nancy Grace hit the airwaves about a missing Florida toddler, Caylee Anthony, my eyes remain glued to the show – nightly. I enjoy when Grace “unleashes the lawyers.” I appreciate the delivery of her prosecutorial mantras including the rants of psychological experts, bounty hunters, blah blah.

Sometimes Grace, a former prosecutor, who always leans toward the State, pisses me off & perplexes me. Recently, she linked a size 5 or size 6 dress found by searchers to the missing Anthony toddler.

Hello! Any mother, except her, knows that a child Caylee’s age (then 18 months reportedly) does not wear Size 5 or Size 6 clothes.

Grace is so out of touch as a mom. Her comments regarding the dress seem surprising. Her lack of education on mommyhood comes from a TV personality who repeatedly exploit’s her twins via her program. Maybe a nanny works for her full-time, thus the reason she didn’t have an “element of doubt” about the dress size fiasco.

During the Nov. 5, 2008 show, the grandparents’ lawyer, whose name doesn’t matter to me, rightfully spoke out against Grace’s pro-State bias and unfairness.

Grace, usually effectively, rips the theories of Defense lawyers whom she invites on her show. Despite his guest status, the defense lawyer for Anthony grandparents, let Grace have it – deservedly! Verbal assault – she deserved. I want 2 throw up sometimes when Grace forgets about the civil rights of defendants. Grace seems like a poster child, per se  – 4 the prosecutorial movement.

If I were a lawyer, I’d work in the private sector, not for the state.