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Susan Stern of Stern PR Marketing™ is owner/operator of a rapidly growing full-service Omaha stern pr omaha website design companyMarketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Website Design Firm. Specialties are copywriting, web development, search engine ranking success, video production and corporate identity consulting.

Stern PR Marketing™ Helps Business Grow. From start ups to establish business, Stern PR™ is the go to creative firm for all things marketing on & offline:

⎷ Logo Design, Slogan & Identity
⎷ Website Development
⎷ Copywriting – Web Content & News Release
⎷ Graphic Design
⎷ Video Production
⎷ Marketing Consulting
⎷ Research
⎷ PR Campaign Consultant
⎷ Company Marketing Representative

⎷ Search Engine Optimization – Google Rank Building
⎷ Social Media Monthly Management
⎷ Web Hosting

image-marketing-firm-omaha-nebraska“Our business philosophy is ‘no pressure sales.’ While profit-driven like any company, we strive to offer what clients need. What’s in ‘their best interest.’ We believe in being respectful, yet direct and forthright. Our highly creative team works with most budgets. We consult and produce for small, medium and large-scale businesses. Philanthropy, i.e. giving back to others, is very important to us. We help business grow,” emphasizes Susan Stern, an Omaha Marketing Consultant.

Extra personalized service. Outside-the-box ideas. Let Susan Stern of Stern PR™ tell your company story, right. Exceptional copywriting (writing). Outstanding website design and video production. Superior SEO. An Internet Marketing pro.

“I sincerely care about my clients’ success. We work very hard. Our view is, if you succeed, we succeed, We have a vested interest to deliver well beyond our competitors. We’re just as good as the big firms. We offer more – personalized service and reasonable rates,” notes Stern.

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(Omaha, NE)  —  If you have a consumer or industry-specific campaign your group, organization or movement wants to launch, count on Omaha Public Relations Practitioner Susan Stern to take your idea and transform into a newsworthy, full fledged USA campaign – which garners support and attention nationally, regionally or locally – netting quantifiable results!

Stern PR™ Touch
With the Susan Stern copywriting touch, your issue shall garner news media coverage online & off. Yes, the solution to Omaha-based campaign development/implementation IS indeed Susan Stern.

“I love the work I do. I am a passionate person through and through. I care and work very hard to do an outstanding job with the mark of total professionalism,” remarks Susan Stern.

Located in Nebraska, Omaha PR/Marketer Consultant Susan Stern basically operates as a one-woman band for clients, per se.

Intense Copywriting & Research
Former Journalist Susan Stern was called upon by two USA cattle ranchers to develop a National campaign to raise consumer awareness of controversial cattle feed additives called beta agonists that are under industry scrutiny. The process began with Susan Stern conducting ****extensive hours of industry research, followed by copywriting, back-and-forth client proofing and logo development. Susan Stern developed the campaign name: Beef Additive Alert™ and purchased the domain, too. Susan also handled the videography and graphic design, plus:

A Noteworthy Thank you for Beef Additive Alert™ News Coverage
We commend the “Lincoln Journal Star” & Agricultural Reporter Art Hovey who has done a thorough job of covering these controversial beta agonist issues which are important to the USA Beef Industry, Consumers and Youth show ring programs. Hovey quoted Stern PR client Gerald Timmerman, a prominent Springfield, Nebraska cattle rancher. The reporter called Susan Stern based on the news release (s) Stern PR developed & distributed locally, regionally & nationally.   Read PR Web News Release

Other news coverage, thus far:
Beef Magazine
Sioux City Journal
Lincoln Journal Star
Wall Street Journal
KPTM Fox 42
Livestock Market Digest
Nutrition News

Notes of Appreciation

Stern PR™ wishes to publicly commend Canyon Texas High School Ag Science & FFA instructor Jeff Klose for presenting a project to his classroom on the controversial beta agonist cattle feed issue. Klose asked us to answer a series of questions, to which we did. We wish more teachers would recognize the importance this matter is to consumers, youth show ring competitors and the cattle industry. Cheers!

As you can see, Susan Stern, Stern PR™ nets results for her clients! A one woman band, per se, Omaha PR Practitioner Susan Stern offers everything under one roof. All in all, expect personalized service from someone who really cares about her clients. “I have a vested interest in client satisfaction. I understand that If you succeed, I succeed,” notes Susan.

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Article Originally published on Aug. 22, 2013
Updated on January 23, 2014

Online Reviews 4 Biz

By Susan Stern

(Omaha, NE)  —  Stern PR Omaha’s Susan Stern offers tips on how business should deal with negative reviews online. Stay calm, act professional, respond and move on. Notes Susan, “the best advice I can give is to remember the old adage “customers are always right.” So that means, politely reply to poor online reviews in this way:

  • Thank the reviewer for taking time to provide feedback
  • Apologize to the reviewer, rectify problem and invite customer back if their gripe is legit
  • Offer a partial or full refund if situation warrants
  • Don’t reply to abusive reviewer – just ignore them, flag the complaint for removal or consultant with an attorney
  • Don’t offer them an explanation or excuse
  • If online reviewer is a fake, say from a competitor with a fictitious name, mention that no customer exists & invite them to call
  • If online reviewer with a personal gripe opts to defame or slander, call he or she out on it. Reply professionally. Consult w/Attorney

Another suggestion. Periodically run a Google, Bing and Yahoo search for your company online, to not only keep track of what people are saying, but to reply immediately to reviews – good and bad. Adds Susan Stern, “remember to never argue with the customer. ‘Cause yes, even though we may not feel this way, as business owners, we need to embrace the doctrine to treat each customer with respect, i.e., the customer is always right…

Even when they’re wrong. 🙂

Good luck!

Ethics or Lack Of

(Omaha, NE)  —  It’s always astonishing. Stern PR occasionally encounters agencies, sales reps and others who prefer to speak mistruths or fail to disclose bias – all for a sale. Notes Susan Stern, “I am a marketing representive who always looks out for the best interest of the companies I represent. Sure, I intend to make a living. But I don’t recommend something that a client does not need. Sometimes, I discover that others do not espouse high standards of ethics & professionalism.”

Recently, a business-to-business organization hired Stern PR to handle all its marketing. The company wanted to take their advertising to a higher level. Stern PR – the obvious solution for producing high quality marketing, that is both effective & affordable.

During my inquiry into what went wrong with the agency the company had been using, I discovered that the agency failed to run ads in a top publishing format. Turns out that it intentionally failed to do so because it ran a competing publication. This is an obvious conflict of interest for an “agency” that was suppose to look out for the best interest of the client. I would not call that group an “Advertising Agency.” It was a publisher. Biased.

Another example of questionable business practice is the recent tactic of a local salesman for a national directory. Remarks Susan Stern, “another client with whom I created his website, slogan, re-created its image, etc., hired me to handle the ad placement & price, graphic design. My objective was to cut down the ad size & save my client hundreds of dollars per month because the particular directory in question – is becoming obsolete – due to the internet.”

The salesman produced a testimonial letter that he purported to be authored by my client. The “letter” complimented the directory for its outstanding results & the high profit margins the advertising created. Yeah, right.

The salesman tried, but failed to pull the wool over the eyes of Stern PR™. “He used heavy pressure, produced questionable statistics, attempted to wear me down (wasted my time) & tried to get me to sign authorization to use the “testimonial letter” for his advertising. Of course, I immediately sensed his dishonesty.”  Turns out, that the sales sleaze crafted the phony letter of which its contents were fabricated, as were all the stats he produced.

States Susan Stern, “the salesman had the nerve to call & yell at me after I contacted my client to verify the authenticity of the letter. I was direct & to the point. I told the salesman that he was “unethical & professional.” That it was despicable that he produced a phony letter, which didn’t even have my client’s last name spelled correctly. The salesman said, “I do it all the time,” to which I reminded him how unethical/unprofessional that was, before I said goodbye & hung up.” This guy was a rep for a national company!

Nonetheless, my client was pleased Stern PRwas able to spot a shady character. The client dumped the salesman. Of course, the national directory lost a major sale. While the advertising shall continue in the directory in question, due to the need for some presence there, the size of the ad shall be considerably reduced, as will the monthly charge to my client.

Says Susan Stern, “another business person contacted me to inquire if Stern PR offers “kick backs,” for referring customers. “I told the individual that I do not offer kick backs or referral fees.  That people should refer me for the fantastic job I do, rather than based on a monetary incentive, which wreaks of unobjectivity.” Of course, Stern PR™ is willing to offer a discount to the individual who referred business, should he need a website, corporate video, etc.  But a kick back – no way.

Summarizes Susan Stern, “the lesson here is that companies should run their business, & outsource their marketing/advertising to Stern PR™. ‘Cause I know what I am doing, and I understand the in’s & out’s of the industry. And, what I don’t know, I shall learn. Plus, I am a straight shooter.”

“Yes, I strongly believe that many agencies, media outlets, publishers & others with whom I deal are honest, ethical & professional. But there are bad apples, too.  Fortunately, I am able to spot an unsavory type & uncover organizations with bias. I believe my strong journalism background and stern approach to high pressure sales are assets to the companies I represent. I always strive to do what’s in my client’s best interest!”

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