Youtube Settings – Private vs. Unlisted

youtube iconBy Susan Stern — ¬†Public, Private or Unlisted? You get three privacy setting options on youtube. Here we will explain which setting to choose.

By default, any video you upload to youtube is set to Public, which means anyone can view your video, and locate video in search.To change privacy settings during upload, click the drop down and make your section. After upload, go to video manager and make the switch to the desired setting.

Unlisted Youtube Video 
Set your youtube video to Unlisted if you want to share a link with someone, who may not have a youtube account. Only those with the link can view the video. The video will not show up in search or on your channel.

Private Youtube Video
A Private setting means only those who are invited to view the video can see it, but they must have their own Youtube account. Video does not show up in search or on your channel. If you share the video link with someone not invited, they cannot view it.


Choose Unlisted for Video Proofing
This marketer uses the unlisted youtube privacy setting on most occasions for proofing purposes, taking into account that an individual with whom I share a video may not have a youtube account. So, when in doubt, choose Unlisted.

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