witter Reaches Deal to Show Tweets Google Search

Google Search To Add Twitter Feeds?

witter Reaches Deal to Show Tweets Google SearchSusan Stern Omaha NebraskaBy Susan Stern

Bloomberg reports that Google reached a deal with Twitter to automatically display 140-character posts in search beginning in the first quarter of 2015.

Winter 2015 Update: Google is indeed displaying Twitter feeds in search. 

This is sweet news to internet marketers who may custom tailor posts rich with keywords that people search for. As of March 2015, we have not seen real time Tweets in search, but that may change, any day, according to published reports.

“This agreement appears to be ideal for SEO professionals including Omaha search engine optimization companies. We can focus on keywords in Tweets, and in theory, the posts may show up on Google in real time,” said Nebraska marketing consultant Susan Stern.

On online forums far and wide, webmasters are talking about the pro’s and con’s of Twitter posts showing up in Google search. Some say it will create Google search clutter and trigger a massive increase in Twitter users.  Others see it as a way to gain immediate presence in the SERPS.

Naysayers think it will allow Twitter users to “spam their way onto Google” with more “rubbish.”

Google has not released any details on the reported Twitter agreement. It’s believed that Google may benefit from free advertising while Twitter may, too. Whatever the particulars, access to tweets in real time on Google may be another tool for SEO professionals to help put client keywords in search. That would be a good thing, no doubt. We shall wait and see what transpires…

Meantime, check out this dedicated URL for Google’s experiment with Real time Search


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