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Snell Heating & Air Conditioning Design By Stern PR Marketing Omaha

Omaha Website Design for Snell Heating & AC

(Omaha, NE)  —  The big reveal is here! Stern PR Marketing™ just completed a major Omaha Website Design overhaul for long-time client Snell Heating & AC. Today the website shines even brighter. As you navigate through it, you will notice a better overall look & functionality – which makes it one of the area’s best Omaha HVAC websites designed by Stern PR Marketing™. “We also completed a series of mini-videos, a new catchy Commercial, rewrote the content, updated a new coupon, created an online sign up option and much more,” notes Susan Stern, an Omaha Website Design firm and Marketing Consultant.

Easy Navigation…User-Friendly Omaha Web Design

Stern PR Marketing’s Omaha Website Developer Austin Scott was able to manipulate the template code to include these great elements to Snell Heating & AC’s website appearance.  We added a homepage contact form, placed a phone number underneath the logo – all ways that make it easy for the customer to reach the Omaha HVAC company – immediately.

Susan Stern has been a long-time provider of design services and Omaha Marketing Firm Consulting for Snell Heating & AC, starting with the logo in 2004. When the Omaha HVAC Company needed a new website, they come to Susan. “To keep costs low, I scoured professional website templates worldwide and found the perfect fit!,” notes Susan.

Beyond Design…Full Service Omaha Marketing Firm

“I personally wrote all the website content writing, shot the photography, custom-designed most of the graphics including the sidebar banners, the coupons, and produced the Omaha videography. Plus, I manage Snell’s blog. Recently, we created a CMS – a website content management system, and also launched a Monthly SEO plan for Snell Heating & AC. Together Omaha website developer Austin Scott and I have transformed this template-based site into an outstanding one for Snell Heating & AC and its customers!”

Contact Susan Stern direct for a free written estimate. 402-212-7489


3 thoughts on “Snell Heating & Air Website Overhaul | Omaha Website Design

  1. Great Work! Excellent website. I like the TV commercial very much. Hey, there’s a guy at an omaha website design company called blue collar nebraska who is running your Snell Heating & Air Conditioning website design on his homepage in a banner animation thing. It looks like he’s falsely misrepresentating that his work is yours. Not until you click that banner on his website, does it show he just set up the site online with the all the creative info you gave him. Thought you should know.

  2. Hi Kevin! Aw yes, Blue Collar NE. We are aware that the freelancer, whom we used for 1 small project half a decade ago, currently, at last check, runs a screenshot of the Snell Website – in the way you describe. We’ve contacted bluecollarne dot com Kurt Guntner, who appears to be a website design competitor now, asking him why and to kindly take it down, to which he declined. So, we moved on. That said, our in-house web developer, with us for 6+ years, is nothing short of exceptional. See for yourself. | That’s why together, we offer great Omaha Website Design, SEO, Copywriting, Video Production, etc. Can we help you? 🙂

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