Stern PR Learns Advanced Omaha Video Production Techniques

(Omaha, NE) — You got to stay current! Stern PR Marketing is deeply committed to obtaining continious education aimed at fine-tuning all aspects of advertising, marketing, PR and journalism!

Susan Stern has just completed learning advanced Omaha Video Production techniques – self-taught education. “I just spent 25 hours of intensive, hands-on training on how to create 21st Century titling effects & bottom 2/3rd techniques. This education is absolutely essential to take to a higher level – my Omaha Video Production company. This allows me to provide my clients with better-looking Omaha Corporate Video Production & TV & Internet Commercials. Fortunately, client, Snell Heating & AC, an Omaha-area HVAC Company, is the first to benefit from the advanced 3d effects, transitions and titling:

Susan Stern also created a new animated Stern PR outro to be placed at tail-end of Omaha Videography projects – using these newly-acquired advanced skills:

Few people realize the labor-intensive effort of putting together a creative, stand-out Omaha video production for TV or internet. It takes hours to complete with each video frame manually manipulated and produced to perfection. “I’ve been doing Omaha Video Production, starting with TV news stories since 1991, followed by commercial production. It takes a keen, highly creative eye to do it. Many Omaha videographers slap productions together with not much thinking OR use a canned approach,” notes Susan Stern, an Omaha Marketing Consultant.

No wonder companies comes to me for Omaha videography. I am a one-person Omaha area Video production shop. I create commercials at a higher standard. I handle the HD videography, graphics, script-writing, voice-over, editing and directing,” remarks the Omaha videographer.

“What sets apart Stern PR Marketing Video Production from the rest – is easy. I tend to handle all on & offline marketing for my clients – so, unlike an outsider with one task to do, I’m intimately knowledgable about my clients products and services – since I handle it all. That translates into exceptional Omaha Commercial script-writing and video production.”

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