Small Biz Ad Tip

(Omaha, NE)  —  If you’re a small or medium-sized business on a limited marketing budget here’s a word to the wise. “Don’t Advertise Like Big Business,” emphasizes Omaha Marketer Susan Stern.  Big businesses advertise to create/maintain name recognition and boost future sales. A small business, however, can’t afford to spend these dollars. Instead, you’ll want to rely on the expertise of Stern PR.

Creative Omaha Marketer Susan Stern will design your advertising campaign aimed at producing sales now! “One way to accomplish a SALES NOW approach is to always include an offer, a.k.a. a coupon for instance, in your advertising, on and offline.”  Of course, you’ll also want to hire an expert graphic designer/marketer like Susan Stern, who can create an attention-getting advertisement with the right words, photography, etc. Once you consult with Stern PR, and experience profitable results, businesses tend to have Susan Stern handle all on and offline marketing: website design, website maintenance, brochure creation, corporate/training video producer, SEO pro and so forth.

For more information on small business  advertising that does not break the bank, contact Stern PR marketing Omaha now!

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