Snell Heating Site

Omaha Marketer and SEO professional Susan Stern kept website design affordable for Omaha area small business Snell Heating & AC – a family-owned residential & commercial HVAC company out of Gretna, NE.

It’s widely known that Omaha business websites done from scratch can cost a whopping $5000-$7,000. But Stern PR™ kept the price reasonable, in fact for thousands of dollars less.

Omaha Web designer/marketer Susan Stern created the Snell Heating & AC Website in 2009 by first scouring the internet – the world- for pre-designed Premium web templates. The search was extensive, but once Susan Stern located a top-notch foundation with some pomp & circumstance, Snell Heating & AC’s vision of a top-notch website was close to reality.

After the template was purchased, Omaha Website Designer Susan Stern conceptualized the project on paper. She followed by developing a domain name, purchasing the web hosting on her client’s behalf, creating the company’s slogan, obtaining the product images from the manufacturer, before cropping & fine-tuning them. Then, Stern PR™, using the principle of what she describes as **’word economy’, created keyword-rich copywriting for SEO for each showcased product.

Stern PR™ also scheduled a professional photo shoot. Afterward, she cropped the best pictures – a total revamping of Gretna, NE- based Snell Heating & Air Conditioning’s entire image.

To imput the data, Omaha website designer Susan Stern hired a freelance HTML individual to set up her extensive work. That independent contractor set up the website environment, title tags & the like.

Of course, as the marketer go-to person, Susan Stern oversaw & approved the final website development project before presenting it to the client for final approval.

When all was said & done, the client, Snell Heating and AC Omaha NE was very, very satisfied. The final look – outstanding! Yes, the client is/was pleased with the results, a client with whom she created its logo nearly half a decade ago.

Editor’s Note: Susan Stern **’word economy with the professionalism like this

Stern PR. Serious Strategy. Really!  Visit the Official Stern PR™ Website Now! (beta testing)

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