Publicist On a Pinch!

(Omaha, NE ) — Need a publicist on a pinch? Contact Omaha Marketer Stern PR™.

Based on the effective website SEO that Stern PR™ does & the website portfolio that showcases Susan Stern’s work, Denver-based SolarFrameWorks contacted Susan Stern during the Omaha Berkshire Hathaway™ meeting! CEO Patrina Eiffert sought public relations representation – like immediately. About an hour-and-a-half after the Saturday late-morning call, Susan, armed with a professional video camera, a positive attitude and a keen eye for detail & focus – descended on the Omaha Qwest Convention Center – ready to go!

“I thrive on adrenaline-fueled deadlines. As a former TV/Radio reporter, I’m use to last minute everything. That’s the nature of the news business. So, if a call comes in with seconds notice, like it did here, it’s no problem. For SolarFrameWorks, I quickly multi-tasked by arranging a babysitter, grabbed my gear & got moving,” emphasizes Susan Stern, who wears many hats as a publicist, marketer, advertiser, web & graphic designer, videographer/photographer & copywriter – all in one.

Stern PR™ went into this project blinded per se, i.e., extemporaneously, with zero time for background research. Of course, lack of info was not an impediment. As a former Omaha TV/Radio Journalist, Susan Stern had faced countless on-the-spot newsworthy events.  In the case of SolarFrameWorks, spontaneity proved challenging, yet doable.  

Stern PR™ made it happen – off the cuff & with immediacy. “When I approached the Johns Manville™ (JM) booth, where my new client, SolarFrameWorks was stationed, I got down to business – right away. I briefly chatted with the owners/inventors, who, by the way, are two incredibly educated & business savvy siblings known in the industry as the “Solar Sisters.”  I asked them questions to determine my angle. Turns out that the pair invented a revolutionary weather-resistant, solar panel membrane system called Coolply™ that attaches to the roof without damaging the roof itself. Wow. What a great product. What a great company to represent!”, remarks Susan Stern.  

For SolarFrameWorks, Susan Stern produced a nationally released news release that was published on and a corporate video.

Quality work. Quick turn-around. A Stern PR forte. Notes Susan Stern. “This is an extremely exciting opportunity for my one-person company to grow beyond the big O.”

Editor’s Note. Omaha-based Publicist Susan Stern may be reached at 402-212-7489.

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