Video Drives Site Traffic – Omaha Business Owner Tip

By Susan L. Stern


(Omaha, NE)  —  Video, video, video – one powerful solution to drive quality traffic to your Omaha business website.  Internet Video Marketer Stern PR™ helps catapult websites to the search engine forefront by creating a custom video commercial & posting it in mass – on a monthly basis – to social media sites beyond just youtube.  “I highly recommend video SEO to all my clients. Internet Video Commercials are one of the most important SEO techniques,” notes Susan Stern, Stern PR Omaha.

The benefits are many. It’s highly effective:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Establish trust & credibility
  • Summarize company products/services
  • Individuals prefer video versus reading text


Nowadays, search engines give more credit when video is used, i.e. ranks your website & business listing higher – ahead of competitors. Video marketing is a potent tool that nets results. “Plus, it’s ahead-of-the-trend SEO, not to mention business savvy, to post a video commercial on a company website,” remarks Susan Stern.

At the right price, Stern PR™ Omaha creates a high-quality, informative Omaha video commercial productions which target a company’s demographic. Marketer Susan Stern crafts the video using industry keywords, mimicking the way tags work. She organizes the video in the correct category, while promoting the video spot – on social media sites galore.

“Video is one powerful piece of the pie to increase a website’s search engine position!” emphasizes Susan Stern.

Inquiries Call Susan Stern Direct (402) 212-7489

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