Stern PR | Slogan Creation

 (Omaha, NE)  —  “Every business needs a slogan or motto,” notes Omaha Marketer Susan Stern of Stern PR™What is it? It’s a catch phrase expressing the aims or nature of a business or organization.

“Businesses should consistently use the same slogan in all advertising ventures. This gives a company name-branding identity, an essential aspect of name-branding, building & maintenance,” says Susan.

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses in Omaha don’t have a slogan nor understand the importance of a catch phrase for marketing. Stern PR™  does.

Examples of Stern PR™ Slogans:

  • Snell Heating & AC™. Service to the Highest Degree!
  • ISG™. Quality, Security & Integrity
  • Stern PR™. Serious Strategy. Really
  • Amtech Auto Care™. From Start to Finish.
  • Hand it to Mr. Granite™
  • Sparks Computerized Car Care™ High-Tech Repair. Honest. Fair!

& much more.

Contact Susan Stern today for more information on slogans, website development, logos & much more. 212-7489 Omaha.

Click here for Wacky Slogans

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