Lower 2009 Biz Taxes

(Omaha, NE)  —  If 2009 turned into a – profitable year and your taxable income is too high – your business accountant may recommend that you lower your tax liability before January 1, 2010. With less than a few weeks left, the time may be now according to Omaha Marketer Susan Stern to – spend, spend, spend – on the following effective internet-driven business marketing expenses:

  • —  A new and/or improved website
  • — Professional Search Engine Business Listings
  • — Creation of a Blog & Management of;  and,
  • — An Internet video commercial touting your products/services

Stern PR’s Susan Stern can set up any of the above-listed services for your business – in Dec. 2009 – for 2010- so your business may receive an entire-year write-off.

Call Susan Stern today! 402-212-7489   sternpr@gmail.com 


Editor’s Note: Check w/your accountant to see if this plan benefits your company.

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