Bribe Kids to Read

The itch of learning and loving to read is not an easy task for any parent to teach their kindergarter. But the solution may be simply – bribery. Webster’s defined: (2) something to induce or influence.

Talk about results.

It’s easy to implement. Say your child sees a gigantic stuffed tiger while shopping at the supermarket. She pleads for you to buy it. You turn to her and say, ‘if you read 5 stories, then I will get it for you.’ 

Guess what? She’ll do it! She’ll actually read 5 stories and do so enthusiastically.  My daughter did. Wow, was she proud. 

I use this trick for a lot of the extras my sweet pea asks for. Result? Not only does she play along with my bribery game, but she is improving her reading skills, gaining confidence, and learning the value of hard work.  

My kindergartener’s favorite toy now is – the tiger. She took it proudly to school for show-and-tell, and retold the story to her peers and adults, about how she read 5 books and earned the tiger.

Bribery works. Maybe she’ll also learn that money does not grow on trees, a figure of speech, as well.

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