Nancy Disgrace?

(November 5, 2008)  —  Ever since CNN’s Nancy Grace hit the airwaves about a missing Florida toddler, Caylee Anthony, my eyes remain glued to the show – nightly. I enjoy when Grace “unleashes the lawyers.” I appreciate the delivery of her prosecutorial mantras including the rants of psychological experts, bounty hunters, blah blah.

Sometimes Grace, a former prosecutor, who always leans toward the State, pisses me off & perplexes me. Recently, she linked a size 5 or size 6 dress found by searchers to the missing Anthony toddler.

Hello! Any mother, except her, knows that a child Caylee’s age (then 18 months reportedly) does not wear Size 5 or Size 6 clothes.

Grace is so out of touch as a mom. Her comments regarding the dress seem surprising. Her lack of education on mommyhood comes from a TV personality who repeatedly exploit’s her twins via her program. Maybe a nanny works for her full-time, thus the reason she didn’t have an “element of doubt” about the dress size fiasco.

During the Nov. 5, 2008 show, the grandparents’ lawyer, whose name doesn’t matter to me, rightfully spoke out against Grace’s pro-State bias and unfairness.

Grace, usually effectively, rips the theories of Defense lawyers whom she invites on her show. Despite his guest status, the defense lawyer for Anthony grandparents, let Grace have it – deservedly! Verbal assault – she deserved. I want 2 throw up sometimes when Grace forgets about the civil rights of defendants. Grace seems like a poster child, per se  – 4 the prosecutorial movement.

If I were a lawyer, I’d work in the private sector, not for the state.

4 thoughts on “Nancy Disgrace?

  1. I am an avid watcher of Nancy Grace..I don’t miss an episode. On today’s Thursday November 6/2008 show, I was appalled with the way Nancy mocked Mark Nejame!! She was absolutely RUDE!!! Childish. Bitchy. Wrong. She made fun of him by stuttering. I quote her as chiming, “but, but, but” – that was disgusting!!! Nancy loves confrontation, as long as she’s in control – complete control – of the show. How about letting the person you ask a question – actually answer it!???

    Also Nancy, you have much to learn about motherhood, an average 18-month old DOES NOT wear a size 6. Let me repeat. DOES NOT wear a size 6. Case in point. You have twins. Both are 12 months. So Mommy Nancy. What size clothes do the twins wear? Can’t figure it out, huh? Perhaps you should go shopping – instead of having your nanny do so. Spend more time at home, rather than leaving them with a sitter. Study your show part from home.

    I am not one to post, reply or comment on things I have seen on TV, but this is a 1st – and I really hope Nancy apologizes to Mark Nejame on live air – he deserves a major apology for Nancy’s rude, insensitive tone!!! I want to hear back from you on this matter. A Nancy Grace fan?

    Editor’s Note: This post has been edited for sentence clarity.

  2. Nancy is just stupid, rude, bitter. How she got such an ugly disposition, I have no idea but there is nothing “Grace” ful about her whatsoever. Does her voice give her a headache too?

  3. From the editor: Grace is a disgrace to the Justice system, spewing her prosecutorial bias on nearly all cases that she “showcases” on her CNN show. Her focus on the Casey Anthony Trial this Summer 2011 certainly gave Nancy skyrocketing ratings, but her clear conviction of Casey in the media does an injustice to us all. Bottomline, the prosecution offered up mad science that’s been never accepted in any U.S. trial prior. The prosecution failed to prove Casey had allegedly murdered her daughter, the mode of Caylee’s death. Instead the State used controversial “expert science” and proved only one thing about Casey Anthony – that she is a liar. But a liar does not necessary equate to a killer. I am proud that the jurors did the right thing here – and let Casey Anthony go free based on the “evidence”. Their verdict gives me faith in the justice system.

  4. I cannot figure out why any of you watch Nancy DisGrace, she is destroying the integrity of our legal system.

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