Xmas Sucks – If UR Jewish in Omaha

By Susan L. Stern

(Omaha) — Twas the night before Christmas, when this Jewish gal in Nebraska sighs and asks, ‘”what the heck am I going to do?”‘ Restaurants are closed, supermarkets, shopping malls too, except for Walgreen’s at 90th and Blondo – nearly every storefront shuts down for Christmas. Boo hoo. It’s an annual event – I don’t look forward to. Only the movie theaters remain open as do a few gas stations with limited hours. So, with so many options before me, I opt for a movie.  Wouldn’t you know it, like clockwork on Christmas Day, the theater looks like a page out of the society column of the Jewish Press.  Not fun. After all, I’m in such a bah hum bug mood that I’m not interested in socializing.

While big city’s with large Jewish populations like N.Y., Chicago and LA offer numerous choices for food and fun, here in Omaha the options are basically none, or nun if you speak Hebrew. Omaha is predominantly Christian, mainly Catholic, with a mere smear of Jews, an estimated 6,000 metrowide. That means we are a major minority. No wonder there’s nada to do. Not even the Jewish-owned Bag & Save is open for business. I need an emergency order of lox for my bagel, darn it! Christmas Day sucks.

Detect a little jealously? Surely, you’re right. Every year for a couple of days, I’m reminded of my minority status. No, it ain’t fun. Yes, I feel left out and envious. Jingle bells. Batman smells. Ho hum. Chanukah is week’s over. Christmas is a snorer.

Susan L. Stern is a writer in Omaha, Nebraska.

Christmas Day is similar for a Jewish writer in Massachusetts.

Disclaimer: The Sara Silverman videos are for entertainment purposes, not to offend any group or religion. It’s Jewish secular comedy at its finest! This editor truly believes we are all Gd’s children and are equal, or at least everyone should be.

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